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[COMPETITION] Valentines Poetry Contest 2017

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Hello Romeos and Juliets,
Love is in the air... from now until March 1st, we're going to be running a Valentines Poetry contest! As always, we've got some simple rules for the contest. The first is only one entry per person, please. There are no strict formatting rules, so it can be anything ranging from a sonnet to make us all swoon, a short and witty limerick about Greva... or even a Haiku for your beloved Rinbin! One big change in rules for this contest is we want every entry to have a Forge of Empires theme! Lastly, and this is a given with any creative content, it must be your own work.
This time around we're going to simplify things a little and have just one category, but 6 chances to win! Winners will be:

2 x 1st Prize winners - Prize of 1000 Diamonds, a Tree of Love if you don't have one, or an upgraded one if you do, and a special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

2 x 2nd place runners up -Prize is a Tree of Love if you don't have one, or an upgraded one if you do and a special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

2 x 3rd place runners up - Prize is the special package containing a Rogue Hideout, a Hall of Fame and an Aviary!

As with the Winter contest, if you've already upgraded your Tree of Love to the max and would prefer something else, we'll work that out after the contest is over.

Also! As always, your entries will be hidden at first then approved manually by me, so don't worry if it doesn't appear immediately.

So what are you waiting for?! Your true love's kiss awaits ;)

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The Tree of Love is pink,
it can only be found in FOE,
I think.
I love my Helga,
but I am no Rogue, our boys love their mother too,
in that, there is no doubt. No need for a Hideout.
Of one thing I am certain,
The Hall of Fame for best Wife and Mother,
just raise the curtain for my Helga.

Love you Hon, thanks for all the support and love as I continue my quest to Forge an Empire !


My Life is the Forge
My Life is the Love
No Life without Love
No Love without Forge
Thats my Empire...... Empire of Love


Poem: An Elusive Lover - A FoE Love Story

You may remember a tale of a day gone by,
where a young maiden joined a quest of nation-building,
but fell out of love with collecting taxes from her holding
and instead, fell for her calling to chase after a guy.

She searched far and wide, visiting the empires of friends and neighbours,
only to be met with the harsh words which mocked her labours,
"The Prince is in another castle!"
Clearly, this was going to be quite the hassle.

She followed the clues, and learned his location through his only niece.
However she would need a map, piecing parts bit by bit,
which would leave her astray, as she needed one final piece.
She resisted every temptation to pay the girl with diamonds, to end this awful test of wit.

'Till finally, one day. She found her promised love.
Thus, she could finally end this hunt and turn the page,
As her lover sat proudly on his throne, inspiring their troops from above.
And since then, he's been with her from age to age.

And they lived happily ever after, Raevynherst and her lover (who is pictured below):


Valentines day hearts burn with fire
Like a hot forge from the empire
Red roses you give take your love higher
Are you a true love or a secret admirer

Give your red roses to the right mask
This is the one, the only, the daily task
At the correct moment, the hearts you grasp
Winning the prize with the glory you bask


Will you be jesting my sweet Rinbin when
A snowflake flutters down upon your cheek
You’ll brush it off and jest, and jest again
Although the skies are grey, the days are bleak

You'll close your door against the winter chill
And light not one but many roaring fires
Until your house is warm and then you will
On your PC play Forge of Empires

And yet the new born lambs are on the lea
Upon the bough the early blossoms stray
A snowdrop nods her milky head in glee
To think that spring is but a month away

So it's now time, sweet Rinbin, to enshrine
This love of ours, please be my Valentine!
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Bill E Naire

I began a lovelorn journey which long and woe filled would be;
in Arvahat it started, on the shore of a tempest sea.

My love to Brisgard was swept away by a monsoon like gale;
I heard her cries but could not save as her captor fled a'sail.

I bare missed them in Cirgard and once again in Dinegu.
Caught sight of them in East-Nagach, my heart raced within me anew.

I could glean the scent of her sweet perfume dancing oer the brine.
Near Fel Dranghyr lost sight of her as her soul was long from mine.

Round Jaims, oer Korch I stormed through so seldom traveled rural trails.
In Langendorn came in sight of yon thief of my virgin grail.

The gap was closed near Mount Killmore, me wedging through his wake.
At Noarsil a scarce missed opportune to end this long heartache.

Finally, triumphal end; mine epee penetrates his chest.
Fair Odhrorvar where we two can establish anew our nest.

This Ode is done, a bright icing to these world's snowcap topped spires.
Here, where two hearts converge to one, fused in the Forge of Empires.


Steve Bot

Master Corporal
Eyes Of The Ages

Through the eyes of the ages
do I gaze upon thee
But through this smokey tavern
can I no longer see

Gazing from the Observatory
throughout the heavens I seek
But takeoff at Cape Canaveral
clouds the sky for an outlook so bleak

Dancing alone at Valentines Carnival
once more I think it's you I've found
With roses falling all around
behind a mask your identity is bound

If this is a dream let me forever sleep
for your my every Valentines choice
Through the heart flows a river of emotion
brought to a halt at the sound of your voice



Yonder the borders of my empire,
sleeping deep down in the lands of eden,
lies my lonesome heart's only desire;
to once again see the beautiful maiden
living in the forbidden kingdom of none other
than that of the colonial age traitor.
Who knew that in this chaotic world,
I long for a diva coming from the coral twurls
of Ragu Silvertongue's oceanic refuge,
While civilisations sink in a deluge.


I sent an email to my love
She did not answer me
For she was far too busy
Playing FoE

I wrote a long and loving text
No answer came my way
She hadn't time for a reply
She'd FoE to play

I tried to call her several times
It went to answerphone
She too engaged with FoE
I really should have know

I having failed to send her
A valentines seduction
I attacked her in her city
And stole her best production

I got a phone call from my love
It went on for some hours
She wasn't very happy
So I'd better send her flowers


remember that 2nd time we met?
after the 1st when we met and I asked you out?
on floral street, you were ahead of time
I walked up to you and when I saw your face up close
I knew then I had made up my mind
about how special you are
that I'd always see you thus,
and I always have.
the poetry aren't the words
but how I feel when I think of you and I


The FoE games started well:
Around in twenty-twelve: Yes, with a swell.
But, "oh dear!", as time passed by,
the game is changing slightly sly.

Rewarding players that do plunder,
promoting those who scatter thunder!
As opposed to niceties,
It prefers those who do fleece...

...other players in despair
"No, this is just not quite fair!"
To no avail, it is decided:
Inno likes their players be divided.

Based on egocentrics and their mind,
game cares not for those who're kind;
language all "americanized":
greed and treasure are most prized.

Players who like peace and trade,
are left way back and doomed to fade;
encumbered with US ideas:
How sad! For normal players one doth fears.


As the golden sun rises over this city so fine
Romeo dreams of his secret Valentine
Soft, gentle ripples from the waters below
Stir him from his peaceful slumber so ..

Slipping on his doublet, tying up his shoes
A faint smile as he thinks fondly of his muse
Whoever would have thought it? Whoever would have guessed?
That Romeo Rinbin could ever be so blessed

To meet such a maiden, a lady fair of face
With voice of an angel and heart full of grace
Today I will tell her; he strengthens his resolve
The doubts, that he has carried long, begin to dissolve

Striding forth into the city, red roses clutched in arm
Bewitched by his Valentine - the Lady, Greva Darn
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