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Community Ideas for Sprint (Version 1.209)

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FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
Hi Everyone,

There is just a few days left to offer your suggestions for the Community Sprint. Please also remember to look over those already suggested and give the post a 'like' if its something you also want to see in the game. This way we can see what ideas have been popular amongst you all.



please make it possible to delete many trades at the same time, for instance make a choose icon, and when a player want to delete trades it will be done in a fast time
oh and also make it possible when i remove a trade the picture on the under dont appear, rather show on the background than make another click icon
make an icon to remove trades by selecting and delete all_.jpg
remove this.JPG


With the new tan background, the yellow flames for level 4 of the Guild Expedition have become effectively invisible. Please either make the flames around the ziggurat icon red, or make the background for that specific panel dark (I suspect the former would be easier).


Making of "statue of honour" shrink kit (fragments) as a GBG season final rewards would benefit many players. Expecting shrink kit to make the transformation of 3x4 into 3x3 size.

Either SOH shrink kit along with R2V or current SOH with R2V can be decided randomly per GBG season.

Very small change to bring in GBG.
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in town hall or menu, show how many goods you have used up since the last 24 hours. so people can see what goods they have lost most and refill the good by seeing it
With the High Res update, battlefield and units appear about half the size they were before, with a lot of additional black space. Would we be able to get a setting option to change our battlefield resolution? So that we can select an option that uses the whole screen (less black space) and shows a bigger field with more detail on the units.

Or add levels of zoom to the battlefield, similar to the city view, so that we can zoom in or out as needed.



When you are reading an old message, and a new message arrives, you are moved to the new message, which is very annoying. (see above)

Further, it would be great, if you take a trade, attached to a message, that you do not end up at the newest message, but stay at the position of the trade(s). It is annoying if you have to croll upwards all the time if there are several trades to be taken.

So, just "fix" the position in a mail to where your present position is, no matter what comes in. When the mail is closed, return to the latest mail (remove temporary fixing).
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GbG: Show the province tags to all, but members without rights cannot change them.
Further, introduce a kind of "watermark" within battle or negotiation if the province is marked as locked.

klods hans

Some of the suggestions here are related to the market. Maybe the market needs a big overhaul and a whole new visual look. But please don't make the browser market look like the app market.
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