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Community Ideas for Sprint (Version 1.209)

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In mobile, Total Forge Points count can be seen with Technology tree view screen or while doing GB contributions only.

Display the total fps count in the game city main screen of mobile. Currently it shows 10-to-100FP bar progress only.

Please see the attached screenshot for reference.


Simple change to bring it in mobile.
ability to wind back your collection time by a few minutes. this could be a passive reward from a new GB. it could be something you win in GE/GBG like self-aid-kit. it should reduce your 24hr buildings to say 23:55, so you can collect slightly earlier. so like the mass rush, but works for everything including GBs and event stuff

you could have a clock image, with the hands going in reverse :)

bonus points for one that jumps you back by 30mins or an hour. I hate collection creep, where it gets later every day
allow you to start training new units in barracks. so similar to starting productions. but a START button so you dont have to click on the correct slot for each of the barracks. or else a "training everything" button, so all your barracks are busy
add a summary to the guild info, so you can see where prestige comes from. its not easy to work out what the contribution is. well, you can, but something quick would be nice


show which player in the neighbor is plunderable in the neighborhood bar. its real annoying that i have to enter a neighbors' city everytime to see is there a production ready for plunder and it takes a lot of time
By enabling military tactics from iron age, getting the attack feature in the game. But it also opens the doors for others to plunder our city.

There is no way to keep progress in the world by sacrificing our attack ability and staying safe from plunderers.

It can be given as a settings in which users can able to disable the attack feature. If they disable, then they don't have the ability to enable back ( which is no more attacking as per user choice and no more plundering in the user city).

For sure, many people will use this setting if it is available.

Game should not discourage users playing fairly even though attack and plundering is part of the game.


provide a City Planner tool where we can replan our city away from our actual city. so we can take a copy of the city, add/move/remove buildings after and hours work save the half finished replan and the next day finish it off. once we are happy we can then use reconstruct mode to rearrange the real city.
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Blitz Epidemic

Warrant Officer
Quality of Life - Give the option for guilds to stay competitive and NOT advance to the next GBG League. Diamond is filled with guilds who spend ton of $$$ and spend all day gathering goods for siege camps. Most of us came to this game because it was not a pay to win, we don't like being reminded that it now is just that.
For researching any technology, filling the forge points given with two buttons in mobile. One with 1fp and other as 10fp (or total forgepoints from the fp bar matching with maximum of technology needed forge points). Both are annoying.

Please bring the custom number of forge points adding option to research the technology like doing forge point contributions to the great buildings.
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