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Communication or lack there of!

Overlord Dex

Now is it just me, or do newer players to this game just not like communicating with fellow players?

I haven't been a Guild Leader very long, but I've found when I've welcomed established player they reply to messages, etc.

As for new players. It's a case of:

"Welcome to the Guild" - No reply
"If you need any help, just ask anyone" - No reply
"This is the sort of commitment we'd like from you" - No reply
"You've been missing a few days" - Even after their return - No reply

Do I ask to much that these players acknowledge at least something?

Paladiac the Pure

Actually, in a sense you do ask too much. Many people join a game - to play the game - not to socialize or create internet friends. And the way this particular game is styled, you basically have to join a guild to partake in various features of the game - whether a player wants to be in a guild or not.
If you want/expect people to communicate with you - then perhaps a better opening statement would include that fact, and those players that are not here to socialize can decide quickly if they want to remain in that guild, or find another place where they can play a game without being bothered.
As well, by requesting some kind of reply back to your opening communication, you can decided if that player is the type you want in your guild. If your guild is the type that is open to all, to enjoy and play at their own pace - then expect a lack of replies as those might be some of the kind of players you have attracted.
And by the way - the 4 examples you give, are just open-ended communication - no requirement for a reply is asked, so there should be no expectation of a reply returned. If getting a reply is so important to you, amend your communication to do so.


I don't think ALL new players behave in such a way. Not replying to messages, I mean. I can think of...maybe 10 players myself who would be more than happy to talk to their guild leader.

Overlord Dex

Paladiac, if you class replying to one single message, or may be a couple in the space of a week as socialising, you have a very different concept of the term to me. I'm not asking for anyone's personal information, that they keep up a long conversation with me, or that they play everyday without fail.

Even just a one word answer would at least show me the message was read and hopefully understood. What the choose to do beyond that point, is mainly down to them.

Besides, I do ask for a reply, those where just abbreviated examples, rather than the full message.
I kind of agree with Paladiac. If you run an open guild where everyone can join and with no requirements, you can't really expect members to take part in guild activities or reply to messages. They may not even read messages.

King Dae-El

I have ran into quite a few players, who was non english speaking or at max very poor at english. That could also be a reason for not replying.

Overlord Dex

I never said it was an open Guild, but I would hope welcoming to anyone that's interested in joining. I feel we expect way less of members than I've seen other guilds, with their lists of you must do this and that every day!

As for not speaking, or having poor English, yeah I guess that may be an issue that will crop up. But I would hope if communication was an issue in that respect, they were able to find a Guild they felt more at home with, if they were unhappy with ours.


I agree with Overlord I do not think a simple response to a message is asking too much of anybody, to not reply at all is rude in my opinion and if its a language issue its so easy to get anything translated into any language nowadays so I do not think that's a valid argument really. Also to say that the examples are open ended also does not excuse the no reply , in that case you are saying that responses should only come if there is a question mark involved ummmm I don't think that's a reason to not reply :lol:
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