Comattenti recruiting

If you are looking for a guild with experienced players in other worlds that run a more relaxed GvG guild then this is your place.!

We are seeking players who want to take part as a fighter from IA all the way up.

We work under a fair trade policy.

There are members from all over the world especially Europe, NA and Australia so there will be members on the help throughout all different times of the day.

In particular, we are looking for farmers to help produce goods to the guild treasury and always looking for fighters.

We have been a guild that is not full of coiners (diamond buyers). We hav reached #4 ranking in this world through hardwork and commitment.

Helpful group that is fun and funny and relaxed. All ages of players.

Please contact us for a guild invite.

In my first world this is how I found my first guild as well, the benefits in having a guild are enormous in helping to advance through the tech tree and trades in particular.

Epicurus the black 32 (epic/ black)

Sarah 212

Are Rocking in MK 3rd in the Rankings come and join, me Sarah 212, Epicurus the black 32, Maddest and Roberto,into a guild that looks after our own, and has fun :)