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City Defenders Changed or Missing

Crazy Biker

Chief Warrant Officer
For about the past month or two I occasionally notice
that my city defenders are being changed into rogues or
being removed all together. Yesterday a hoodie broke
through my defence because 2 of my defenders had been removed.
Other people in the guild have said that they have the same problem.

Crazy Biker

Chief Warrant Officer
I don't use rogues or spear fighters for city defence.
They are 8 SaM troops. Sometimes 4 or 5 are turned into rogues and
sometimes there will only be 6 troops instead of 8.

not sure what you mean with your second question. You can’t place them anywhere.
when going into army management they are the first ones you see and have a blue box around them.


Because yesterday I reproduced the disappearing army bug but I need to know if I’ve missed any details. Were they in your unit pool or your attacking army slots? (at the time of being attacked)


Now that aspect we've never been able to reproduce.

What actions did you take prior to noticing them disappearing? The more details you can provide the better


Sian, if it happens again always take screen shots both to prove it and to help INNO fix it. Thanks
Emberguard, nice job in reproducing thats a good start :)

Crazy Biker

Chief Warrant Officer
Every time I've noticed the problem is when I have been fighting on GvG,
except the last time. That time I didn't realise until I saw in the town hall log that I
had been attacked. When I watched the replay I saw that I only had 6 troops instead of 8.
It only happens about once a week.

Crazy Biker

Chief Warrant Officer
I've just noticed that it's happened again.
My defence should be 4 steel wardens, 2 teslas and 2 sentinels but
2 of the wardens and the 2 teslas have been changed to rogues.
I did GvG at 8pm, then I did my daily collection,
then I aided guild members, friends and some neighbours.
Then I did some plundering and then did some fights on
GbG and that is when I noticed they had changed.


Ah ok. So if I understand correctly, are you saying the blue units switch which units are blue without manual input? I was assuming before you meant the Army Management would show one thing and the battle have a different troop loadout.


Could you do me a favour? Turn off or uninstall FoE helper. Then inform me if this bug occurs again. I need to know if when you've got no 3rd party attachments to your browser if the bug still occurs.

Crazy Biker

Chief Warrant Officer
Actually that was a recent installation but I’ve had the problem for a few
months. Will uninstall it thou


Good to know.

Then I did some plundering
Do you recall the things you plundered?

I did GvG at 8pm
8pm..... is that server time 8pm? Cause that's the recalc time for guild power getting added and in the past there have been bugs occurring if players do stuff while the recalc is running. I don't know if this is the case for this bug, but worth looking into as a potential cause.

Were you doing GvG before, during or after 8pm server time?

I did GvG [...]
[...] I did some plundering and then did some fights on
GbG and that is when I noticed they had changed.
For how much of this were you using attached troops? At what point in the order of events would you have started using unattached troops?

Crazy Biker

Chief Warrant Officer
Can't remember what I plundered sorry but it is usually trains, I think
there was a moongate too and possibly a palace.
At 8pm server time I was watching the CE map, waiting for the shields to drop,
was doing that from about 7:55. After recalc finished I fought on CE, AA, PME and Colonial
The only attached troops I have are 2 rogues the rest are all unattached.
No idea if I used them in GvG or if they were still injured by then.


@sian the lazy one

Ok, just an idea but could you try this for me?

Reassign your normal defence units. Next time you do PvP I want you to do something:
Write down your opponents defence army for everyone you attack and note whether you won or lost the battle
When you find this bug occurring check if it's been replaced by your opponents defence army

Edit: Also check if you've been attacked back
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