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City appears when drummers attack


Long-standing visual bug in the app version: during battles, if a military drummer actually manages to hit another unit, the battlefield momentarily disappears and the screen shows the white-walled city background from the loading screen.

Re-reporting as requested - sorry, but this happened as soon as I allowed a drummer to hit me in the final GE level 1 battle :(


Hmm. I couldn't recreate this last time. Is it when you're defending from a drummer, as opposed to your drummer attacking, or do you get it in both scenarios?


I've never had a drummer, so I don't know what happens when your own drummers attack. I only see this when the AI uses drummers to hit me.


I've allowed myself to be hit by drummers in the GE at every opportunity I've got (above and beyond the call of duty I feel!)
The bug is now showing up exactly fifty percent of the time rather than 100%.
I get this every time (I think) when a drummer attacks. The screen goes away after a second or two and I've always wondered about it, thinking maybe a special tune is being played (I can't get any sound from the game).

World: Arvahall
App on iPad Pro, latest version. (1.101?)

Correction: Paying more attention to the last two battles with drummers, I now think that it only happens on the first attack a drummer makes in a battle. At least in the last two battles, subsequent attacks by the drummer did not bring up the screen.

I am fighting with EMA and IA units.
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Confirmation that it seems to happen only on the first attack a drummer makes. The unit attacked seems immaterial.

Edit: The same thing - a screen popping up for about a second - happens when the drummer FIRST makes a retaliation attempt as a result of being attacked, if it has not already attacked.
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Still occurs. Very occasionally, it does not happen but I can't fathom the why or wherefore.

The only clue I have had is that twice I was kicked off the system entirely after the town screen appeared, with a message about comms being down. As far as I can tell, my Internet connection never dropped. That could just be utter coincidence.
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Amy Steele

Thanks for the additional info Prinza 8-)
We will continue to try to reproduce this. If anyone else still experiences this issue, please do let us know :)


Just to mention; I never use drummers, but do occasionally get this bug with a few other units. From observation, it's down to the browser loading the animation for the attack, or occasionally down to loading a unit death animation.


Just for a further update; Explosion animations from a unit dying seem to be the trigger for me, pretty much always Battle Fortresses. (Possibly champions as well... The bug kicked in, but I wasn't really paying attention to the unit I was targeting as I didn't expect it to die. Thought it was a Champion, but might have been a BF again.)