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I have a player in my neighbourhood who has 10000+ points, but he just entered iron age yesterday and don't see how he can have so many points unless he's cheating any thoughts.
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Totally depends on how active he or she is. The proper way though is to file an ingame ticket. Right click ingame and select support then put forth your query there.

Also its against the rules to name people you think is cheating in the forums. So I have edited your post accordingly.


Is it possible to gain 1931 points (PvP tournament) in only one battle ??


Yes, it is very possible, especially further on the map or against higher level players, where you have to battle against higher age units :).


Average of 1444,7 point for battle is just impossible.
All other players have average around 500 to 600 points.


the player is probably concentrating on the continental battles and/or on players with impressive defense armies, which can easily be worth thousands of points per battle. if other players in the neighbourhood are focussing on PvP against players who don't have very much in their defense armies, their scores would be lower. battles against big/advanced armies give you more points than battles against smaller/less advanced ones.

but if you feel someone is cheating the proper way to report it is through an in-game support ticket, not here in the public forum. to file an in-game ticket, right-click anywhere on your main village screen, choose "support" from the pop-up menu and then follow the cues from there. "breach of rules" would be the appropriate choice when you define what type of ticket you want to submit.

enjoy the game


This is too much!! Now he has average of 3458 points in 2 battles.
He has only EMA army. Don¨t tell me this is possible.


Depending on what he's fighting, I don't see why it isn't. In my EMA tower I currently have 16138 points in 7 battles, so an average of 2305 points per battle. And I probably could have gotten even more since I think I'd still be winning if I ditched the two EMA troops and went with only the Iron Age troops.


Yes, it's perfectly possible, as has been said a few times before :).

Moreover, as this has nothing more to do with the OP's issue, I'm closing this thread.
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