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Characteristics of Large Roads (greater than 1x1)


To answer some common questions on how larger roads operate, this thread has been created to hopefully provide all you needed to know.

Road Connections
Firstly, and most importantly, roads that are larger than 1 tile in size, cannot connect if they are offset (see below).

Credit to Singy2002 for this image.
Placed correctly to existing road.
Placed offset to existing road.

Reliance on Continuity
Some buildings can only operate if they are connected to the Town Hall via these larger roads. There must be a continuous connection from the Town Hall to the building that requires it (see below). Obviously buildings that do not rely on a particular road, can be connected by any road or combination of roads.


Building Connections
While some buildings are reliant on a particular road size, that doesn't mean the entire roads needs to connect to that building. As shown below, only one tile of the road needs to be connected to the reliant building, this includes the town hall!

Connected by only one tile.

Parallel Roads
When planning your city, if you intend on having larger roads running parallel to one another, you will need to ensure there is appropriate space between them to join them together (see below).

Parallel roads can be connected
Parallel roads cannot be connected
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Cool guide. You may also want to add that you can connect a 2x2 road offset from the town hall ;)


Mike just so I am clear here I can connect a two lane road to my town hall, can I then connect a single lane to that two lane?


Mike just so I am clear here I can connect a two lane road to my town hall, can I then connect a single lane to that two lane?
Yes, you can, however it will only accept single lane buildings after you do that (except for the 2 lane strip which will accept 2 lane buildings).


Some Great Buildings say they need 2 lane road (or more) to function and get built, Yet I have seen such GBs connected just by walkways or other single lane connections.

What are the actual rules that the game enforce here ?

love Villow


i wish i could express how utterly frustrating and amateurish this aspect is, along with not being able to rotate buildings.