Chaos Cluster is recruiting


Currently, we're primarily expedition and trade-focused, but we're looking to do everything, including starting to participate actively in GvG. The Late Middle Ages are currently our largest focus, but we'll be moving forward soon, eventually all the way. We will accept players of any age, and will happily help people learn the game and how to do well in it.

What we are:
-A long-running community (since 2003!) that plays several games, and runs a Discord server and a website.
-A friendly community above all else. We'd much rather have good people who happen to be newbies than jerks who happen to be powerful players. Newbie status can be fixed!
-A group dedicated to positive chaos - this means no rigid hierarchy, no orders, no quotas, none of that. You're here for a game, not a job. It also means we seek unconventional tactics, looks for places to strike, and manage to carve out a niche in games where we supposedly can't. When it works, we get strong, and the game gets more interesting and fun. Usually, it works! :P

What we require:
-Don't cheat. If you're not here to play legitimately, you don't belong here, and you won't remain in the game if we have anything to say about it.
-Don't be a toxic player. We're here to have fun, you should be too.
-Be active. GvG not your thing? No problem! If you're not here to play together in -some- way, however, then why join a guild?

To join, you can either:
A. Message us in game (Trerro, Sonya the fox, and Hypolothemes The Daring are our 3 most active members, and most likely to respond quickly... feel free to just hit all 3 of us in an in-game message and one of us will add you.)
or B. Find us in the giant pile of guilds and click request to join. We're currently on auto-accept, so you'll be added instantly.