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Already Suggested: Changing the army management layout from a horizontal array to multiple vertical

Lord Baart

I think varieties of this proposal have been put forward a number of times before, and I guess it is up to the people doing the work to decide the best way to implement it, if they choose to do so.

In the army management window change it from currently being a horizontal array to a number of vertical.
Instead of as currently having 18 of the same units showing on screen, allow a number of slots with the whole set of one type of unit allocated to one slot sort of like a deck of cards. The units in each slot should be sorted to have the healthy on top and damaged at the bottom. There can be numbers showing the total number of units in the slot and in brackets the number of healthy ones.
The player will allocate the unit type to each of his/her slots, so that each player is able to set the units to their preferred style of battle.
Having a "Remove all, Remove injured and "Fill remaining with rouges" buttons would also be great additions.

This would stop players from scrolling back and forth to select the suitable units in their GBG and GE, and save time, all in all making the gaming experience better.
Currently we all have to change army selection depending on the opponents, something which in my opinion takes unnecessary time. I have often stopped my battling in GBG, just because of it, so any way to make the process quicker and easier would be great.

Would only affect the army management screen, nothing else would need to change.

It would only be a improvement of the player experience, can't see any way to abuse it.

I'm thinking the Army management screen would look something like the one shown below.