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Changelog 0.16 archive


Hello Kings and Queens,

Here is the latest update coming to your server on September 5th 2012! There may be some downtime during the updates and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

These are the changes we made for you in this update.


  • We have made it possible to choose 3 different speeds in battle.
  • 1x speed - The battle will run in normal speed with no speed ups.
  • 3x speed - The battle will continue 3 times faster then normal.
  • 9x speed - The battle will continue 9 times faster then normal.

Additional Features

Validation of e-mail
  • After 7 days, and you have not activated your e-mail the game will block certain features for you. To avoid this, please validate your e-mail. If you have a bogus e-mail, you can change it in the game settings.

Other features
  • Usernames will now dot out when the username is too long in the neighborhood bar and will instead be visible in the tooltip.
  • The "Save changes" button in Army Management has been changed to "OK".
  • If our Ranking server goes down, you will now still be able to see your neighbors, visit them and attacking them. The score and rank will just not be visible.
  • The socialbar position is now also saved in the guilds and friends bar.


  • Health bars of injured units in the combat queue no longer appear as they were when the battle began when it's their turn.
  • Guild visiting then visiting a friend or your city should now work without showing a empty grass field.
  • You should now always be able to produce products in your Pottery.
  • The battle has been reworked a bit to kink out some existing bugs.
  • Building streets now work as it should when you connect it with an already existing street.
  • Icons for military buildings should no longer be displaced.
  • The trade icon should no longer display the wrong icon when its a neighborhood or guild trade.
  • The login and landing page has been changed to grow with the page and not to break anymore.
  • The colors for the amount of goods for trade confirmation are no longer reversed.
  • Polished cultural buildings & decorations should no longer lose their animation.
  • It should no longer be possible extending messages to unmanageable levels by spamming the enter function.
  • PvP Tower menu should no longer remain on-screen after entering combat.
  • The close button in the construction menu no longer has a white frame.
  • Building over preexisting roads should no longer cause each square of road to be deducted separately.
  • The icon for to "scout immediately" now includes a diamond to show it requires premium currency.
  • Premium cost is now clear when healing military from the Army Management menu.
  • The wrong color in some provinces on the campaign map should now be the correct ones.

All the best!
The Forge of Empires Team