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Implemented: Change 65% ToR BP reward for completing GE


Sooo agree with this! Also good to have a small (5%?) chance of getting the booby prize, but please PLEASE make it the booby prize, not the most probably reward!


Could we please change the level 3 GE completion reward of 65% 2 X Temple of Relic blueprints to something else?

To get all the way through GE only to be rewarded with 2 ToR BPs is ridiculous. Completing level 3 is very difficult and expensive. Yes there is a chance of getting something else and yes you get other great prizes along the way. But this percentage is WAY to high. As it is we already get about 8 ToR BPs during the rest of GE.

Easy to implement. Just change the prize...to something...ANYTHING but ToR BPs. Even split the % to 30 and 35

An option could be 30% extra large medal package (since medals are not offered at all in GE) and 35% 50 Forge Points.

Totally open to suggestions.

Visual Aids: None

Balance/Abuse Prevention: Not possible
If you support this idea please spread the word :)



I love the idea of keeping the 2 BPs as the booby price at 5 % :P


Great idea and good suggestion. Agreed the overtype list.


a big +1

Maybe the ridiculous 60% chance of getting 2 ToR BPs on the last chest was reasonable on the very first days after ToR releasing but nowadays there is no reason to keep such reward as it is
and for those newplayers/newbies who still havent it? simple, they can easily get ToR BPs by contributing on other ToR


+1 chance to win TOR BPs needed to be 3 % , chance to win diamonds - 50 % i used 40 diamonds to end lv 3 of GE but win Tor BP :(

also need to rebalance military units , needed more powerful units to play GE and World map.


and for those newplayers/newbies who still havent it? simple, they can easily get ToR BPs by contributing on other ToR
I've never completed level 3. I've been playing GE weekly since the start, and managed to collect four or five blueprints for every square but the centre one. And even I have eventually managed to complete the set simply through receiving random blueprints on lower levels of the expedition.
It doesn't seem to me that two ToR blueprints as the top prize serves any function at all.


So many temple BP's I don't know what to do with them - other than light a fire! Anything is better than that - and a few more reward diamonds would be nice - you spend 50 diamonds in Neg and get 20 back.