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Champions Retreat - Keep or sell?

Lord Grok

Master Corporal
I have a different view on this; in lower ages the Champion sometimes has a little niche mainly because your combat bonus is *generally* lower so the increase in attack and defence has some meaning. But anyone who has 500+ bonus on attack and/or defence can tell you that adding a few percent doesn’t translate to any noticeable difference except in very few corner cases. Also, the time when you might want to use Champion is limited by compatibility with your troops of the age as it changes type with the ages. So whilst you might favour archers, cavalry or heavies in various starting ages as they’re clearly stronger than the other types of troop, these armies don’t always gel with champions of the age.

VF - Champion has comparable stats to Ronin Bot but instead of having a shield it adds about 6% bonus to its attack and defence while alive if it is the only Champion, and passes this bonus to other troops when it dies. When your combat is 500-1000% bonus you (a) don’t care about 6% and (b) shouldn’t be planning to kill troops. Besides which, Rockets are the go to troop in VF; they have splash damage that hits 2 radius and there aren’t flying troops so they just pwn

SAM - Champion has comparable stats to Steel Warden but instead of a shield and keen eye it has a bonus when it dies. See (a) and (b) above. Steel Warden and Sentinels are the go to troops in SAM. In theory you could pair Champion with Wardens but really you’re just better having another Warden. Pairing a champion with Sentinels doesn’t work well either because Sentinels are fast enough to go first and have enough speed/range to run forward and kill half the opposing army before it has a turn, whereas Champion isn’t quite as fast and this means the enemy may get a shot in before it does. Besides all this, you probably just want to spam armies with a single unit type by this age anyway as it’s faster.

Anyway that’s more than enough words from me :)


The Champion's Retreat needs a reno/one-up kit to produce units of a higher age than when it was placed. I used to have one at the start of each age so my Alcatraz could produce current age units before I had researched military technologies. Now that GbG and GE produce so many units I did not place one when I last aged-up.


I can hear the crowd chanting: Sell it! Sell it! Sell it!
Look,,, simply and plainly,,,, if you fight manually,,,, then Champs serve their purpose perfectly,,, lead with a champ,,, let that die 1st,,,, and then the rest of your troops get a little boost,,, as far as deleting / upgrading is concerned,,, using a one up kit for each age/era is negligable,,,, I myself am in SAAB era on my main world and do most of my fighting in auto, so I myself have no use for champs at all and have removed it,,,, but if you choose to do that,,,, do yourself 1 favour,,,, use a Store Item then sell it in Antiques Dealer