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Player Challenge City [Jaims World - Emberguard]


Challenge City smaller.png

No idea how long this'll keep my interest, but I've started a new world with which I'll use the following self imposed rules and see how far it'll grow over a year. :
  • No deleting of anything. Once it's placed, it's there for life.
    • Unless a quest requires it
  • No Plundering
  • No Diamond Usage
  • No 1-ups / Renos (lvl ups are fine)
  • Only current age and below for GBs

Founded: 19 - January - 2019​

Welp, wish me luck :) Also if you have any ideas on any other limitations I could place on myself feel free to create a thread in the Responses Section


Stage (1) Bronze Age!

= 20th January 2019 =​
Got an invitation to a guild. Strangely the person that sent the invite is now in a different guild. Not sure if guild name change or if the guild was dissolved. Either way, invite shows in town hall but isn't in the guild invites. Going to assume they dissolved or left their guild.

= Hurdle #1 =​
The event has started and by Quest #5 I've got my first hurdle. I had hoped to get through the game with little or no use of recurring quests. But due to the timing of starting this city while an event was on now I'm faced with the reality of either I skip this event altogether, or I use recurring quests so I can build up the goods stock necessary to complete the event and obtain the Colossus.

Well I'd like to see how far I can get in this event, so I'm going to do some guild hopping and see if I can get enough goods for the negotiation. If I'd started this world prior to the event starting I could have set up the city with nonboosted goods production and have some sort of stock for this, but given the event has started I don't want to take too long gathering these goods. This simply means I'm going to have to advance a bit on the map and conquer Dunarsund in order to get past the story quests and into the side/recurring quests.

✦ ✦ ✦

= 21st January 2019 =​
After lots of guild hopping I managed to get enough goods to complete quest 5 and am now onto Quest 6. Also won myself a wishing well.

Note to self: Return to "Explore the unknown" later on. These guys are awesome

Jaims 21st v2.jpeg

✦ ✦ ✦

= 24th January 2019 =​
Progress at time of obtaining last BP for Zeus. Note to self - Do not use a mouse for guild hopping. Too tiresome
Progress 1.jpeg

✦ ✦ ✦​

= 31st January =​
City is progressing nicely. Once event ends I'll move upto Iron Age. Got 11 shrines of knowledge in inventory waiting to go down
Jaims 31st Jan.jpeg

✦ ✦ ✦​

= 4th February =​
Made the leap into Iron Age
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Forge Bowl Event
Age: Bronze Age

Quest 1.jpeg
Quest 2.jpeg
Quest 3.jpeg
Quest 4.jpeg
Quest 5.jpeg
Quest 6.jpeg
Quest 7.jpeg
Quest 8.jpeg
Quest 9.jpeg
Quest 10.jpeg
Quest 11.jpeg
Quest 12.jpeg
Quest 13.jpeg
Quest 14.jpeg
Quest 15.jpeg


Quest 16.jpeg
Quest 17.jpeg
Quest 18.jpeg
Quest 19.jpeg
Quest 20.jpeg
Quest 21.jpeg
Quest 22.jpeg
Quest 23.jpeg
Quest 24.jpeg
Quest 25.jpeg
Quest 26.jpeg
Quest 27.jpeg
Quest 28.jpeg
Quest 29.jpeg
Quest 30.jpeg


Quest 31.jpeg
Quest 32.jpeg
Quest 33.jpeg
Quest 34.jpeg
Quest 35.jpeg
Quest 36.jpeg
Quest 37.jpeg
Quest 38.jpeg
Quest 39.jpeg
Quest 40.jpeg
Quest 41.jpeg
Quest 42.jpeg
Quest 43.jpeg
Quest 44.jpeg
Quest 45.jpeg


Quest 46.jpeg
Quest 47.jpeg
Quest 48.jpeg
Quest 49.jpeg
Quest 50.jpeg
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Stage (2) Iron Age!

= 4th February =​
Used the quest "sell any 3 buildings" to delete a spearfighter barracks, the tavern and a tree. Will be using the Colossus for housing for a while. Should be easily upgradable housing if I use one lvl per age and means I won't be clogging up my city too much with redundant housing though I may end up using a house or two from each age.

before after smaller.png