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    Dec 23, 2016
    We are Celtic Thunder. We are the 54th best guild in Langendorn (but it fluctuates). Our leader is (Crimson Rose), A master at FofE, having played the game for many years.
    We are an open guild, one of the best. you can come and go as you please. We dont care if you are at IA or PE, all we care for is that you enjoy yourselves and make this server more fun for all. If you decide to pop in and chat, enjoy (and bask in our glory). If you decide its not for you, we hope you find a more suited guild for your level.

    However, If you are intrigued:

    If possible, please check trades often and take other members trades as much as you can. We trade one to one on the same level. Two to one on the lower to higher level and one to two on the higher to lower level. Our policy of fair trading is very important. We do not jump levels to trade unless for GBs. Please send a guild message if you want and need trades that are not considered fair trades as exceptions always exist.

    We encourage playing GE for it (again) benefits both the guild and yourself. Feel free to donate fps to new GB's that are being built (in the mud) as well as our high level of existing ones. Motivate or polish whenever you can come on. If you cant be on for a while cos' of reasons, don't worry, just send out a message highlighting ho long you will be inactive for as long as a week or more because members who are inactive for longer than 14 days will be moved on.

    If it is not too difficuilt, building an Observatory as soon as possible (I know it doesnt benefit you but its only 4x4 with bronze age goods) and eventually build an Atomium and Arc (benefit both of us) if you can as all these great buildings provide us with goods and support.

    We have numerous experienced players (including our founder: Crimson Rose who makes the top 30). They can guide and help you through your journey. Our influence over the server is undeniable and if you are having troubles with certain player, It can be sorted out.

    1. Respect Everyone
    2. Stay Active
    3.Trade Fair
    4. Help Others in Need
    5. Polish/Modivate/Aid when possible
    6. Do at least the first level of GE (as much as you are able to after 1st level).

    If you are reading this, it seems that you are not bored easily and are remotely interested in joining. If so, send a message to Crimson Rose or myself (Error123) OR just click the join button when you have time. Have fun and relax !!!

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    Dec 23, 2016
    Here are the GE rules:

    - HMA and below do 8 encounters

    - LMA up to IA do level 1

    - PE and above do level 2