Canadians,eh! Is recruiting

Our guild is Canadians,eh!

Leader(s) of Guild: Stopgap123
New members support manager: Lysander the mighty 484

Requirements to Join: Members must be from Canada (any part will do) in order to uphold the name Canadians,eh! We welcome all level players to join our guild. Our guild is a guild expedition focused guild so at minimum 16 expeditions(level 1) is required but we like to aim for a first place win each expedition if we can.

Our guild encourages a 1:1 trading ratio within the guild regardless of age. You can be assured that if you need help and if you share a trade someone will always help out if they can.

Why we rock: Canadians,eh! Offer a new member orientation to all new players because we want everyone to feel included. No one will ever have to figure out things on their own and help is always available. We encourage trading and guild expedition participation in order to get every member as far as possible and make the game fun for the wins are enjoyable too.

If you feel like this is the guild for you then please, send us a request to join. We’d be glad to have you.