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Burden Quest Unbalanced

  • Thread starter DeletedUser106226
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Hi all,

Quest are not balanced with the situation of each player and quests are not synchronized.
e.g. I won at winter event 2 "palace" each with a permanent effect of 1500 happiness. After that a new quest pop it on asking me to to have 1000 happiness. I already placed those 2 items. The quest is just a mockery.
e.g. Winter Frosty is asking me now to conquer a province. The problem is that the only one I have available for conquer has +15% on attack and deffence and has cannons, which are beyond my reach. I have conquered everything by having tactical superiority and by luck, because I won champion and knight buildings and build each building twice. So, how is that fair to spend high resources on army, and when then faith smiles on you and gives extra chance, the unbalanced and not synchronized quest, knocks you down, with 2 days before winter event finishes. I have no possibility to play this event anymore. I has active and won allot of point because I'm good and I'm now ahead on many ( from position 66 to 19).

Is not the first time when the quest is not synchronized with the stage of my buildings, level etc. Has happen that a quest appeared but I had accomplished long ago, already. So then because the quest said "have" I have then collected the reward. Several cases in a row with already completed quests. In other cases quest said "build" after already just building something or of just that (build 2 library i.g.- having just build one. I cannot have 3 libraries 'cos I do not need it).

But now with winter event, and Frosty quest I'm unfairly stuck.
The quests are ruining active players. I'm honestly thinking to quit this game. It is too frustrating.
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The quest will be to GAIN 1000 happiness..so from the time you accepted the quest you would need to gain 1000, the amount of happiness you had prior to accepting the quest is irrelevant.

Perhaps you could do some trades and get enough goods to negotiate the that province.


1000 happiness
really hard work to get them:
building and deleting memorials: 18 times

But now with winter event, and Frosty quest I'm unfairly stuck
could be worse:
stuck in the last quest which gives stars:
so you miss one try to get a confectionary

and then not the large confectionary in the next quest
so you don't miss much if you don't aquire that province

the good daily prizes are already over

I has active and won allot of point because I'm good and I'm now ahead on many ( from position 66 to 19).
after the next neighborhood change you could be position 66 again :eek: