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There’s points given for goods consumed and units defeated. So if they’re into treasury donations and GvG they can get any amount of points if they have the time and patience

Iron Age isn’t restricted to Iron age unit points either. A Iron Age player can kill Future units in GvG using ColorGuard + rogues as long as there’s no hover. There’s also SAAB units in AA

If someone really wanted they could buy advanced era goods for the treasury
I know about gathering goods
But how colorguard can kill
Because it rarely killed heavy units of IA. So I never used them again
keep all units at starting position till hover gets close enough then hit hover with rogues then kill rogues
if that's not it then i must have avoided to get to close to enemy rogues then hit hover with rogues then kill rogues does'nt always work thow you need to get your rogues close enough to hit hover , colour guard ain't strong enough to do much damage on hover you need to kill it with rogues
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If anything "bullying" has helped me become more disciplined (and hence saving time). Some of the "bulliers" are now in my friendlist. I don't know why people do not take things the constructive way.

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
If anything "bullying" has helped me become more disciplined (and hence saving time). Some of the "bulliers" are now in my friendlist. I don't know why people do not take things the constructive way.
Some previously in my friendlist are now bullies. I need to report to a higher authority.


Seamless transformation between bullies and friends, BZ. Bully-friend-bully-friend... it's a never ending circle.


Age and progress on research into that age is the only factor that matters with hood merges.

If they've got a lot of points then it likely means they've either been playing for longer on a consistent basis or have been utilising the things that gather points more effectively. Ranking Points won't tell you anything about a city military attacking strength, military defensive strength, how well rounded the city is, if they have advanced troops available or how many plunder-able buildings the city has.

If hypothetically hood merges were based on those factors instead of age (or in addition to) you've then got a lot of debatable factors. How much worth does each of those factors have compared to each other? Would it be possible to prevent users from storing buildings to manipulate the hood merges and then put the buildings back? What if a player chooses to completely ignore one of those aspects? How do you determine where a no defence player should be placed? What about a player with huge defences but no attacking army stats? Should a player who chooses to handicap themselves by not utilising what's available be given an easier opponent? Or should only the most developed aspect of your city be used to determine placement? Should each ages units be given a different weighting towards hoods mergers? How would you determine the value of units in each age when combined with boosts? How do unique unit abilities/skills factor into that?

Then once you've answered those questions you've got another problem. Doing hood merges on that criteria would only give you a closer matchup if enough players would change position in the hood merges from what we have currently when basing it solely on age.
These, and other questions, must be answered! (I'm just not sure by whom?) :lol:


If someone wants to sulk for days or weeks over the loss of a few virtual fp or goods then more fool them
I am always surprised about the over-reactions from some about plundering. One of the log on messages that pops up says 'you will be plundered', it's part of the game. I get ranting, hateful messages. I get players setting their terrace farms to medal or prod points so they can message me with "ha ha! no FPs this time you ****". I have had players have their guild attack mine, lay in wait for a mighty snipe, disconnect their city's best buildings to spite me.

FFS I took 5 FP from a city that generates 400 a day in a GAME; I didn't mug you in the street to take your phone and wallet. My rant ends.