Buildings to polivate but not plunder


Hey y'all, to the best of my understanding only buildings that have been motivated can't be plundered. If this is true, then there's either a glitch in this world or someone has something they shouldn't. I attacked this one player & went to plunder. Nothing could be plundered. ok. Next day visited & clicked Motivate, only houses to motivate. ok. Later clicked on Motivate & houses & production buildings to motivate. Backed out, attacked, went to plunder & not a single building could be plundered. Don't tell me ALL his buildings got motivated while I was attacking! So, how can this be?


That's strange! When did that change? I remember plunder being possible on a building while it was producing.


Well, it is like that since more than 2 years, at least. (I do not know anything about how it was in the beginning of the play)

Steve Savage

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Always been like that for me also, only finished productions can be plundered.
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