Bugs or what??

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I would like to ask why i cant enter to my continent map??
Its like everytime i enter it says (sorry, an internal error has occurred)


how long i have to wait???!!! its been decades already(well its just 3days but thats counted for me as long)


why is it like this??!!! have you guys check it out!!! everyday i check the game support you guys dint even reply??? are you guys trying to help or just busy playing ur own games...i'm fed up with you guys its almost a week already!!! you guys just trying get money from player but when they have some problems you guys dont even help to check it out....dont tell thats there no staff from this game that can help me????


Hello apocalipster,

Have you checked your mail yet (where a message will be sent once your ticket is answered), or your support ticket itself (right-click on your village screen, choose support)? I'm not aware of any tickets that have been open that long.

Also, it may help to log out of the game, clear the cache/cookies from your browser and restart your browser before you log back in.
As Bartimaeus above you said, the issue should be resolved by now.
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Lord Smeg

have had no such problems am plundering like there's no tomro :D


apoc it looks like its iscolated to you alone. Have you tried when trying to log into the continent map done a hard refresh? (ctrl + F5) while having it the only window open and closing your other programs?


dont know if this is the right forum for this but i have a bug i was batteling enemies to claim a piece of land and i just bout won when 1 of the enemy attacked me twice in a row and im sure each unit can only attack once can u look into this please thx
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