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!!! Bug report section: Please Read BEFORE Posting!!!

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Amy Steele

Hello players and forum goers,

Experiencing a problem?
Thank you for visiting our section and trying to solve your issue in the forum first.

Please check here first to see if your issue is one that has already been confirmed not to be a bug in the game, but a game feature or a common problem or issue.

Didn't see your issue listed?

Please follow these steps to try and resolve the issue on your own before reporting a Bug:

- Refresh your browser (F5: soft refresh and CTRL+F5: hard refresh).
- Temporarily disable all (greasemonkey) scripts and browser add-ons.
- Log out / Log in
- Restart your computer.
- Try a different browser - Forge of Empires is optimised for the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, so try one of these if possible.
- Try a different computer.
- Try a different internet connection.

Still experiencing a problem? Checked the bug report section using the search forum function and found nothing? Then please report your issue using the Template below; the more information provided, the better. Please only one issue per thread!

  • World: Tell us what world you have noticed this bug in.
  • Browser and Version: Tell us which web browser you are using, include version number if possible.
  • Overview of the bug: Tell us what happens when this bug occurs, what prompts the bug to occur - include as much information about the bug as you can, so that we can address it. The more descriptive you can be, the more chance we have of understanding you.
  • Screenshots: Show us any screenshots that you have of the bug, or any other visual aids. These are often invaluable.
  • How often this occurs: Tell us the frequency in which this occurs or if this is the first time and if it only occurs during specific times. (providing your timezone if possible, or alternatively the time in GMT+1/UTC+1)
  • Urgency: Tell us if this is an urgent bug (game-changing/game-breaking), or if it is just a minor bug (non-game changing).
  • Preventative Actions: What have you tried to prevent this bug from occurring?
  • Summary: Give us a brief summary of the bug.
  • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes/No.
  • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods? Yes/No?

Please help us to help you :)
Post all the vital information at once!

The template above is now embedded in all new bug report threads so it's easy to just fill in all the relevant info. If you don't know which browser or version you use, this information may be found in your settings menu in-game.

1. To find your system info click on the the "settings" button (small cog icon bottom left) in-game

2. Go to the "about" section. Then click on "copy to clipboard" and paste it here.

This will paste all the information from your settings, so please feel free to edit out any parts that are not relevant or you do not wish to be posted on the forum. The bits we really need are your world, browser, and version, and preferably your flash version too.

Please also let us know whether your Hardware Acceleration was on or off at the time the issue occurred.

Made a mistake?
Resolved your problem or realised it wasn't a bug after all?
If having posted your bug report you realise it is not a bug, within the bug report section you may delete your own threads. Don't worry - it happens sometimes, and by deleting you will save us the time investigating your issue :)

What on earth do the Prefixes in the Bug section mean? And what are all these sub-forums about?

For an explanation of what the various prefixes in the bug report section mean and how the section works please read on...
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Amy Steele

What on earth do the Prefixes in the Bug section mean?

This bug has been flagged as "confirmed" by the In-game support team. This means the issue was investigated and the bug could be reproduced successfully. On rare occasions bugs that are not reproducible will be set to confirmed as well.

This issue was reported to the developers (not fixed). The thread may contain a case number as well (example: [25561], we use this as a reference number for the problem. Reported issues are prioritized by the developers.

A fixed issue is a confirmed bug that was passed to the developers and was fixed by them. This should no longer cause any trouble.

Not a Bug:
In this case it was determined that your issue is not a bug, but a feature or a part of the game. (Don't worry, it happens sometimes) :)

Your issue has already been reported, in another thread. To avoid this in the future please use the 'Search Forum' feature at the top right of the forum index. Use buzz-words that are related to your issue before you post. If you do find your issue has already been reported, please add your post to the existing thread. This is especially important if the issue is not already confirmed. Thank you in advance :)

The Forum or ingame team are investigating this issue at the moment. Normally this issue may not be passed to the developers yet, as we have to confirm that this issue is indeed a bug, and not a user related issue. During this phase the support team will ask for information regarding your system and provide troubleshooting advice.

Cannot reproduce:
The forum or ingame team investigated your issue and could not recreate your bug. If you still have issues with this you may create a support ticket for further assistance.

And what are all these sub-forums about?

The prefixes work in conjunction with the sub-forums. There are 5 sub-forums:

Not a Bug/Will Not Fix

And Changelog Archive which does just what it says - it's the archive for all previous 'changelogs', or update announcements.

So how does the system work?

All new bugs come into the main bugs forum. When they can be confirmed, they will be given a prefix of 'Confirmed' and moved to the 'Confirmed' subforum.

Once a confirmed bug has been reported to the developers the prefix will be changed accordingly. The thread will then be moved to the Reported/Fixed sub-forum. Once a bug has been fixed, the thread prefix will change again, to 'Fixed'.

Investigating, Duplicate and Cannot Reproduce do not have their own subforums. A bug report that is prefixed 'Investigating' will, after investigation, either be moved to 'Confirmed' or Not a Bug/Will Not Fix as appropriate, or given a prefix of 'Cannot Reproduce'.

Cannot Reproduce and Duplicate bug reports will stay in the main bug report section for a time, and then be moved to the Archive subforum.
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