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bug or hacker ruins daily?


got a daily for completing 22 4h productions. did my first 12 and they counted. did the same again but this time all 4h productions changed to 1h. has it happened to anyone else?


Without getting support to investigate further we've only got assumptions to go off here.

If you used diamond collect it's plausible you accidentally clicked 1 hr instead of 4 hr. If you manually reset everything it'd be really unlikely that such a mistake could happen for all the productions.

If it is a bug then it's not something I've encountered or heard of anyone else encountering. So if it's a bug then hopefully it's a once off but to be on the safe side lets assume it was a hacker and change your password. If having changed your password, clearing your cache, turning off and on both your router and your computer/mobile (would really depend on what kind of hacking we're talking about as to whether turning on and off would actually do anything but without knowing the specifics better to be safe then sorry), scanning your computer for viruses etc the bug is still there then I'd raise a ticket with support under "bugs".


i manually collected it and i always check what the production timer is. similar things have happened before but not like this. have started production on all buildings and 1 or 2 buildings stop producing or 1 building change the production time. can try the solutions but not sure if it works


If you manually reset everything it'd be really unlikely that such a mistake could happen for all the productions.
actually it is very easy that it happens with manually

you only need to start the productions with the shortcut key (which gets much faster than clicking the time in each building)
opening buildings. finger accidentally over 3 instead of 4 and you do them all on 1h instead of 4h

but the options where only bug or hacker not players mistake so it must be the hacker :rolleyes:


Yesterday I logged on in the afternoon and had some collections hanging; I was surprised as they were not supposed to pay out until hours later. I wondered if it was a bug then remembered that in the morning I had used mass supply rushes on blacksmiths to finish a quest.