Bring Back Quizmaster!


I'm gonna be setting the same tread on all the worlds...

who remembers the quiz master?,it bring the whole foe community together and it was great fun .but somewhere the QM(quizmaster) slowly faded...everyone liked quizes, i joined a world and got up to IA so i can donate to gb and i did quiz master it was legit and i was not trying to impersonate a mod ,no i was just tryna bring back foe community but i think with a vote mods and developers should bring back QM ,#BBQM (#BringBackQuizMaster)
Maybe do a interview like you guys did recently to get more forum mods and stuff do a Quizmaster. when i did it i was fair but i was spending my own fps : ( , if any the older players remember QM, it was good for the new players it would bring more excitement .