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Break A Wish


this happens, and the temperature is the same everywhere and the icebergs melt and the world floods, and the swimmers rule!

I wish it could be tommorow already


Tomorrow comes quicker than expected, and your city now has a terrible stench with fishbones all over the place.

I wish i could tidy the house as easily as Molly Weasley


Your wish is granted!! You can now tidy your house as easily as Molly Weasley, however, you are constantly at it as you have also inherited Molly's children to put it back in disarray as fast as you can clean it....

I wish I earned more forge points per hour ...


you earned ten per hour, but discovered that it actually wasted time due to the fact that the FP bar only held 4 FPs now.

I wish ... TEE HEE LOL!!!


What a wish, naterichster, I was wondering why there were no replies to this thread since January...:)
Anyway, your wish is not granted, your caps lock stops working and to top it all you lose the ability to laugh.

I really wish my post count would increase. Its been stuck in the 60s since the dinosaurs.

Billy the Fish

It increases. Then sticks forever on 70. And that was a really naff year.
I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight...


You get the wish you wish tonight .. but it goes a bit awry and then the dawn comes and you are left wondering if perhaps you should be careful what you wish for...

I wish I had just a few more peaceful hours in the day ...


those peaceful hours in the day are followed by a huge war right outside your house.
I wish that I could swim faster


and suddenly you can..... but all that movement and noise attracts sharks from all around - dosnt matter how fast you swim coz they coming from all directions.....

I wish that i could make a wish that no one could spoil....


"You are walking along a beach, you find a magic lamp and proceed to rub it, a genie pops out and grants you not one, but three wishes....You think long and hard about your wishes and ask the genie to grant them....

1) I wish to be powerful,
2) I wish to be, rich and well respected.
3) I wish for my wishes to be unspoiled....

The genie grants all three wishes and you walk away from the beach back to your multi-million pound mansion, passing your row of Porches and Lamborghini's, your armed guards (or crew) and in house security wish you well on the way, you issue them instructions, strangely in some Italian dialect (even has subtitles). You retire for the evening and make mad passionate love to your 20 year old male model husband, Manuel.

You fall asleep in a blissful haze, only to awaken to the sound of sirens, radio chatter and calls of "DEA you are under arrest".

You are found guilty and sentenced to life in prison as a rich powerful respected super villain"

I want to be a tree.


but you rapidly get fed up with everyone coming over to polish you, so you commit hari kari and you become nothing but a pile of firewood.

I wish i could have pancakes everyday, not just tomorrow, lol


and so you do have pancakes everyday..... very soon not only do you become sick of them but fall ill due to lack of nutrients and put on loads and loads of weight !

i wish to be forever on holiday !


but then you realise the mountains of laundry you would have on your eventual return, so decide that a couple of weeks at a time makes a better option.
I wish i had a magic flying carpet...


Your wish is granted!! You have a magic flying carpet .. you however do not have a license to operate it, so basically you have a nice floor covering ...

I wish I could think up better wishes ...

Kimba Lioness

Wish granted, you may now think of better wishes, but think of them only...... Lol

I wish I had a Billion pounds :-)


Kimba wakes up to find a billion pounds under her bed!... and is promptly incarcerated for fronting the biggest money laundering service ever known...

I wish it was Friday :(


Your wish is granted!! You get more sleep ... you are now making up for lost sleep time and sleep for days on end (modern day sleeping beauty). So much sleep that you sleep through the time to buy your lottery ticket with your lucky numbers and you wake up just in time to see they finally pulled your numbers! If only you had bought your ticket instead of sleeping ....

I wish I legally owned the winning lottery ticket ready to be collected ...


you legally own it and then you accidentally burn it.
I wish I could actually get supplies in FOE.


through the acquisition of a lighthouse, you actually solve your supplies deficiency , but then run out of coin.
i wish all the bugs would get exterminated!


Your wish is granted. All the bugs are exterminated in FoE and now no one comes into the forum and your position is no longer required.

I wish that no one else can have any wishes :P