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Break A Wish


i can do that 4 you, i love wrapping everything from taco's to xmas presents.

I wish for new recruits to the counting games, we need to beat the mods moAAR!


the mods get huge recruitments and win in 10 seconds

I wish for Alcatraz


naterichster, you're taking Herluth's place of ALWAYS posting just above me.

Alcatraz doesn't wish for you. You get deported to the mariana trench instead. And your village is mine now xD

I wish I could fly.


You get plucked from the air by a giant Hobby (subuteo subuteo).

I wish it would stop raining!


Hurricane Jampots strikes.

I want to master the art of loping freestyle.


You into your swimming, Karnage?

You have to stop swimming cos all the water is now over in the UK and the rest of the world is under a hosepipe ban.

I wish I could scuba dive.


you have been cursed by byeordie, so you can never scuba dive ever.

I wish this post hadn't taken up so much of my time.


I love swimming, jampots:)

I wish the old player inactives would return.


The big bad boys from the past return and plunder everything in sight!

I wish i didn't have to keep reorganising my city, lol


You wake up to find that I have sneaked into your city and replaced everything with Obelisks.

I want a great building quick.


But you have run out of diamonds to buy the BPs, so you have to resign yourself to a long wait of dupe, swap, another dupe, swap, more dupes, swap.......

I wish i had a magic wand.


Ollivander peers at you over his horn rimmed glasses. "A wand?" He chuckles, snaps his fingers, and you are instantly imprisoned. "Take him away!" he screams at two dementors who materialise and grab you. "He's the one that keeps rearranging his city and making all the displaced wretched peasants come to bother me in search of a spell to turn their ruler into a toad."
He smiles nastily, then throws you a wand. "Of course, you may defend youself - if you can"

I want to fly in an A380.
Last edited by a moderator:


But the closest thing to an A380 you can buy in Diagon Alley is an NB2001, so you have to settle for that and reluctantly stick to carry-on only.

I wish my printer didn't keep running out of ink!


Not only does it run out of ink, it stops producing happiness too. It starts using it up instead because of the disgruntled printer workers who, once used to quality toner, have to rent the nearest dot matrix instead (along with a good share of the dot matrix ink supply in the country, for which the bill is sent to you):)

I want jampots to participate in the My Village thread.


Jampots arrives in your village with a ginormous murmuration of starlings which flatten every area of trees and vegetation and deposit white streaks on all your buildings, making you rapidly regret your last wish.

I wish i could visit North Dakota!


You are deported to South Dakota for life. The governor, a friendly chap, installs your new home slap bang right in the middle of the border - you wake up to hear the sounds of North Dakotan paradise tantalizingly close; yet, as you work on the ranch assigned to you, guarded securely, it remains ever out of reach.

Barely a stone's throw away the North Dakotan Red fox runs free across the border; the melodious twittering of North Dakotan birds torment your ears with great thirst for the paradise so close - yet a paradise lost from grasp - forever.

I want a holiday.


your wish is granted - 2 weeks in the caribbean all inclusive - unfortunately there is a hurricaine, your lovely beach hut is destroyed along with all your food and drink, clothes gone - all you have left is what your wearing, the airports are closed due to damage and the cash points are not working, there is no power anywhere on your island and you are completely cut off - except for the other 1000 holiday makers constantly complaining as they are in the same position as you...... oh and its raining.... constantly

i wish the tv channels stopped showing repeats...


your wish is granted. However, you are now watching never ending episode of "reality tv" like Housewives of Orange County and infomercials as that is all that is being broadcast.

I wish for world peace....


and your ideal of world peace reigns! ... until the Olympics begin in Sochi ...

i, on the other hand, can only hope for more snow and continued subzero temperatures


your wish is granted more and more snow, continued subzero temperatures and a new Ice Age begins and most of life on Earth gets wiped out.

I wish everyday had perfect weather ..