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Bossy Guild Issues


I'm getting quite fed up with constant directives from my guild telling the members to 'do this' or 'do that' or risk excommunication. I polish and motivate daily, trade where possible, contribute to great buildings, and generally help if I can; but I find the guild rather bossy and resent being told how to play MY game. I'm looking for a nice, friendly and supportive guild in Arvahall, that does appreciate that all its members are individuals but are happy to be part of a team. Any recommendations??


Sorry to hear your experiences, I run a guild that impose nothing, all pretty relaxed, just trade fairly.
It might be a bit too quiet at times but Im a very fair guild leader, I have never kicked anyone even those who's been away for several weeks xD
Some members polish and motivate regularly, especially me (daily) but apart from that no one's forced to do it.

If you fancy that type of atmosphere, feel free to check me and my guild out ->
player : xerkbb
guild : Handshake


Thanks Xerk, thats exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for :)


My guild does not impose any rules other than be active once a week. With that lack rule we are still a top 15 guild. We have many very active players but no one is stressed out by rules. If you have 20k or more come join us. Send me a request.

Name: Not So Fast
Guild: Trojan Horde


Either way, you are welcomed to join just send me a message if you decide to want to try us out, free 30 days trial (hehe), if you don't like it there is absolutely no problem whatsoever if you want to go somewhere else. =)