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    May 12, 2018
    I feel that with the start of this Journal,
    what I do in game will have significance of cosmical magnitude.
    Therefore, I shall take extreme caution about what to build, produce and so on next.
    And therefore, dear guildies and friends, if you find me inactive, know I'm not.
    Surely I must be calculating carefully about what the next step should be, to find out its influence in an all-inclusive manner.

    On second thought, this should not include the visiting of friend taverns, the motivating and polishing, the contributing to one another's Great Buildings / exchange of forge points... in fact, ALL the actions that are currrently already going on. Why? Because the starting point is what matters only. What is already going on, in the middle, must proceed till it ends. So no consideration, no thought is needed there.

    Conclusion: I'll be thinking solely about whether I should build a tree in the city, as it seems this is the only thing self-initiative, completely independent of external influences -- wherein I do mean the normal tree, the type available very early, in fact at the very beginning of the game; that costs 8 supplies and no coin at all to build, and gives back nothing to demolish, if I remember the numbers correctly. When I first joined the game, I built so many of them, in rectangular shape, as fences of a supposed park, surrounding the Oracle (which has been deleted to save space and divert forge points to better great buildings, giving the land it originally occupied to either the culture building of Khan or the Mill that I can't really recall). Anyway, back to those trees, they actually took hours to be arranged just right; for instance, among other things, one tree on the rectangular had to be left out, for a tile of road, because the Oracle need to be connected with the town hall. The missing tree, was thereby considered the entrace/exit of the park. I chose to leave out the one tree in the furthest corner of the rectangular fence, the upper left corner, so that it does not look like one tree is missing, and thus give the supposed park a more isolated and tranquil feel. The Bronze Age citizens in their linen cloth (I think so) piously worship their goddess the Oracle of Delphy (or -phi) with burnt incense, because you can see the white smoke slowly curls upward...
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    May 12, 2018
    Huh? Isn't this section hard-coded so that no one can reply?
    Source: Guide to the Journal Section
    Of course, that was as old as in 2013.

    Anyway... I lost 7 rogues yesterday.
    Then, I lost another 7 rogues, again, today, in almost the same way!

    Yesterday it was GE. Previously, for quite a long time, 1 Heavy Infantry + 7 rogues have always been a winning (attacking) combination for me. Or, in case of 2 waves of enemies, adjust to 2 Heavy Infantries + 6 rogues. Even against ranged units, which hold advantages over Heavy type. However, yesterday, seeing the GE encounter enemy comprises purely ranged units and artillery, I opted for 1 champion + 7 rogues. The champion spoken here was a badly injured one, even. I was thinking "don't worry, the AI always hit the rogues first." Auto battle! Result: instant and total annihilation...

    Today, it was Winter Event last quest. "Defeat this army, 4 fast, 4 ranged -- Or -- Solve this moderate negotiation." Even though the negotiation is "moderate", each character asks for 5 goods per turn. That's too expensive! Fight it is.

    So I learned from yesterday's mistakes. This time I picked a whole-health champion. And 7 rogues, for I have quite a few Rogue's Dens and have replenished some of the attached rogues overnight (the unattached ones are gone for good needless to say).

    Auto Battle!

    Result: no, it can't be! Instant and total annihilation, again?!

    As a wise man once said, "Shoe me once. Shame on me. Shoe me twice -- I'm keeping those shoes!"

    Also, it was on Jan 1st and Jan 2nd such consecutive heavy losses occurred. I fear it might be such a bad omen for the year.

    So, in the words of Akara: "I implore you, stranger. Please help us. Find a way to lift this terrible curse, and we will pledge our loyalty to you for all time..."
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    May 12, 2018
    OK, the lonely journal of I, me and myself shall continue!

    Viewers please notice the rules here, which states:


    Yesterday, I deleted a long-owned Terrace Farm (and some other things) to make space for 2 ordinary Farms. The decision was made based on this information from the Fandom wiki:

    You see, it is well-known. Although I did not know that before (not for sure).

    Now, with Chateau boost of 100% plus, it is time to dig for some more diamonds, which will be more than double the base amount!

    So far, I have completed the "Collect saltpeter 2 times", the "Gather (a number of) coins", the "Spent (this many) forge points", and the "Unbirthday" recurring quests innumerable times, so the diamonds buried there are definitely already gone. Gone very early, actually. At that time, I thought the 1% chance means the total chance, for only once, out of ALL recurring quests, all together. Then, I received diamonds for multiple times. I thought, "the game is broken; but it is in my favor. So I should keep it a secret..." So, that turned out to be an illusion.

    Now, since there are 8 unique recurring quests in total, there should be 4 chances left for a diamond pack. Since I'm camping in HMA, it is impossible to complete the "Research 2 technologies" quest, which would lead straight to the next age. Therefore, there are 3 chances remaining, respectively out of the "Produce 2 carrots", "Produce 2 carrots and 2 saltpeters" and "Gather (this many) supplies" quests. This, by the way, kinda answers a question out there somewhere... that retorts(*?) "if there is a 'produce 2 saltpeters' quest, who on earth would want to also have the 'produce 2 carrots and 2 saltpeters' quest?"

    Seemingly, these 3 diamond-laden quests will ALL depend on the newly built 2 [ordinary] Farms. Regretfully, I deleted 2 luckily-won diamond-version Windmills very early without careful consideration. Otherwise, they can be used for the gathering supplies quest.

    With 2 [ordinary] Farms, I can complete the "Produce 2 carrots" or "Produce 2 carrots and 2 saltpeters" quest once per day. What is the chance for getting diamond after collecting for 100 days? I wonder. Somehow, the chance has to be calculated in the reverse way. That is, firstly, what is the chance of not getting diamonds after 100 tries? It is: 99% to the 100th power. And then, minus that result from 100%. The final result is... in the calculator, or the google page -- it is not important. Very thin, my friend, the hope is very thin.

    OK, then. Till 100 days later! ...
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    Bewildered Zeratul Master Corporal

    May 12, 2018
    As a wise man (or just a man) once said (with some adaptions): "Be careful what you wish for -- it might come sooner rather than later!"

    Note: boosted to 115% by Chateau

    Please remind me to collect "2 carrots AND 2 saltpeters" from now on, instead of just "2 carrots" :D
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    Bewildered Zeratul Master Corporal

    May 12, 2018

    Had a myriad of Alchemists, for looping "2 Saltpeters".
    Had no Farm.
    Built 2 Farms on Jan. 5.
    Added 4 more Farms some time later.
    Hit Diamonds out of "2 Carrots" on Jan. 14.
    (That'd be 9~27 tries in total)
    Hit Diamonds again out of "2 Carrots and 2 Saltpeters" on Jan.18.
    (10 tries or less)
    Remaining quest(s) with possibility of Diamonds: "Gather a number of supplies" only.
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