Bewildered Zeratul (Reponse Thread)


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Response thread for Bewildered Zeratul's Journal

With 2 [ordinary] Farms, I can complete the "Produce 2 carrots" or "Produce 2 carrots and 2 saltpeters" quest once per day. What is the chance for getting diamond after collecting for 100 days? I wonder. Somehow, the chance has to be calculated in the reverse way. That is, firstly, what is the chance of not getting diamonds after 100 tries? It is: 99% to the 100th power. And then, minus that result from 100%. The final result is... in the calculator, or the google page -- it is not important. Very thin, my friend, the hope is very thin.

OK, then. Till 100 days later! ...
Makes me wonder, how many farms could one fit in your city.....