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beta forum spoiler GE lvl 5

seems INNO is working on a lvl 5 for GE :

got that here


Awesome, deleted St basil's years ago at lvl 80 as there was no use for defence.

Switching to use for Def is a joke for long term players. Especially late era where defence really does nothing. Converting city space for 16 fights a week doesn't sound that tempting at all


You gear us up for attack/defence on attacking army and now put in this switch for defending army. Not happy!! I watched the video on GE L5 absurd use of goods in building fortification statues, when neg. using about 60 a hit from choice on 10 options, no diamond rewards, but more fragments of buildings that arn't going to fully defend in the end scenario. Dont want it, wont do it.
and don't forget to get to the GE level 5 - you still will need attack boosts. So, it looks like this will be for people who have moderate Attack boosts & High defensive boosts.
And, don't forget your wallet - which is what inno is hoping a lot of players are willing to do for the wild new buildings.

Good luck to those willing to shell out the loot!


Think it’s been completely sabotaged by devs, seems like they want the End game players to leave or quit the game. Why would anyone dismantle years of work in there cites to accommodate 1 extra lvl of GE? the main prize is crap, the amount of goods needed to negotiate the 16 sectors is crap, the fact that you will need 2000% or so city defence boost to think about fighting the last 16 encounters in crap,, Hopefully the FoE community boycott lvl 5 and let the Inno team know there new idea for GE is crap and a waste of time and effort developing it.


i know if they don't lower drasticly stats needed to eather fight or negotiate lvl 5 i will never unlock this in my live server guild and will ask my other founder and leaders not to open it eather

What level of def would you be happy with?

It's supposed to be something new and exciting, a change from the norm so exclude negotiating as that's something we can do everywhere. How much def would you build to complete GE V?

I know how much I'm building and it's a number less than 1, nor will I be negotiating as I can do that at much lower numbers ingame if I chose too. So challenge wise they have added nothing because its expensive or requires drastic changes to my city.

I can see a few issues with guilds as ones that have gone for gold for years now and see it as a priority either have to force guild players to continue, dump players that will struggle or abandon league runs they're had for a long time. So that could be interesting on how guilds tackle and if new guild type rules kick in or everybody just abandons the leagues completely and doesn't care.
It would realy surprise me if INNO implements this exactly like it is at moment
it would be a waste of devlopers time cause only a realy small % of players from the already small % that complete lvl 4 would do lvl 5 cause their citys are simply not built to go through lvl 5

DJ of BA

I have watched the video carefully and read all the information on this, No idea what planet the Devs are on but here on earth any attacking army has defensive capabilities, so in taking a position would have to defend with the units and capabilities that army has, not use stats designed to protect or defend your home city, seems once again, a aspect has been designed by people who do not play the game and have no idea of correctly implementing what could have been a really good idea, yes understand L 5 has to be challenging but at same time has to be achievable, as founder of 3 Guilds in 3 different worlds, I am advising my members to Not change their buildings in their cities until the Beta testing is over and Inno either drastically change it or scrap the whole idea, because as it is, we shall be boycotting the 5th level, talking to several other players this seem to be the consensus of the views , that this is another PvP Arena fiasco
A lot of players will do anything if the rewards are right.
Right now, the big GE reward incentive is diamonds.
Will there be diamonds for prizes in level 5 and will their distribution be nerfed or altered for levels 3-4?
There is a lot to get wrong, I hope that will not happen.


Well at least they probably managed to get people to stop complaining about lvl 5 for a couple of days now.

Honestly I didn't expect anything good to come out of the rebalancing for the other levels and I'm not surprised one bit. I only play for TOR rewards anyway so I can just carry on the way I'm playing till they nerf TOR which seems to be the only part not nerfed in some way yet. Wouldn't surprise me if they did tweak with that also.
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