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Best Negotiation Results

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
GE encounter 59 of 48
Solved with 2 tries


And now, mathematics time --

External quote (from mathisfun.com):
A Permutation is an ordered Combination.

There are basically two types of permutation:
  1. Repetition is Allowed:
  2. No Repetition
For Type 1, the formula is simply:
n to the r-th power
where n is the number of things to choose from,
and we choose r of them,
repetition is allowed,
and order matters.​
In GE encounter 59/48, n = 9, r = 5.

9^5 = 59049

The chance to solve the encounter with 1 try, is: 1/59049 (once in 59 thousand times)???
The chance to solve the encounter with 2 tries, is: 1 - (1-1/59049)^2 = 0.00003386988 (once in 30 thousand times)???