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  1. FlashBack Slo

    FlashBack Slo Private

    Jul 3, 2017

    United Friends is recruiting new members

    We are a fully active Guild in GE and GvG challenges. From new members we expect contribution in both those areas.

    In return, we can offer you a chance to become part of a top United Friends Guild which offers to our members:

    • Research Boost of 6 Forge Point per day in the town hall
    • Building Rebate of 13% on coin and supply costs
    • Boost of 27% on recruitment and healing time for military
    • 4 open levels of GE every week
    • GvG challenge & learning
    • Super active swop threads
    • FP donations to GB in the mud
    • Helpful advice in all areas of the game
    • Supportive and truly alive guild with great members

    If you would like to make a huge step forward in your game aspect, send an application or contact FlashBack Slo directly. We will be in contact soon.

    We are looking forward to seeing you as a part of our community.

    United Friends, Our name says it all!