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Battlegrounds - guild only sectors

Should guild specific sectors be created in Battlegrounds to enable smaller teams to fight?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • No

    Votes: 13 72.2%

  • Total voters
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What needs to be done is guilds need to merge /recruit/ get more hitting power, not sit behind a wall gaining all the same rewards others do (who have invested a lot of time (and of course money in cases) to get to the point where they are.


You both fail and keep failing to understand the problem and the proposal
I understand the problem perfectly, but you sitting behind a wall each diamond BG getting diamond rewards while not having to actually compete with another guild solves nothing of the major issue, just lets you gain free rewards....

I’d be all for it if there was a clause that stated if guilds chose to hide behind this wall in diamond, then they lose all their LP and straight back to copper to maybe practice abit more... next BG.


Of course the guild is going to fall down the league if they don't battle or only battle protected sectors. It's obvious.


Of course the guild is going to fall down the league if they don't battle or only battle protected sectors. It's obvious.
Don’t mean ‘fall down’... I mean LP cut to zero... don’t matter anyways, no way INNO would do the ‘protected safe space’ thing.
No one who is disagreeing with you is missing your point - it's unfortunate - we just don't agree that inexperienced, unqualified, or whatever adjective is wished to be used, should be able to hang out in the Big Club --- for FREE - I agree with some of the others here that Exploits exist -- But

With as many threads as you might wish to propagate - we will all still disagree - Freebies are a No No - that is not going change.


Smaller guilds fight in lower leagues it’s that simple if your penned in as u say, your guild doesn’t have the man power or resources to stop it then it’s nobody else’s fault, drop a league and you’ll be more likely get the rewards your guild deserves
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