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Do Not Suggest: Balance fighting in GBG by adding buildable slots to home-base and provinces in row #4

Do you think building slots should be added to home-base and provinces around home-base?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Yes but only home base, not provinces around it

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Bad idea, go home!

    Votes: 4 66.7%

  • Total voters


Proposal: .
- Add building slots (3 or 4) to each home base.
- Add building slots (2 or 3) to all provinces around the home base, including the one 'in front' of the base in row #3.
- Reduce building slots toward the middle of the map. e.g. only 1 slot per province for row #2.
- No building slots on the inner circle (A1,B1,C1,D1)

Make the slot allocations permanent, and in such a way that all bases are treated equal. (Same number of slots in and around base for all guilds)

Point allocation for provinces works well and should remain as it is, with maximum points for locking the inner provinces.

It is known that in diamond league the matching of guilds are uneven.
Because so many guilds made it to diamond league, very strong guilds are matched with 'average' guilds, but the average guild gets to have a miserable season in GBG.

Powerful guilds are able to 'lock' weaker guilds in their home-base, effectively killing the game for them for that whole 10 day season.
When two strong guilds work together and start 'swapping' provinces over the whole map, this gets even worse.
Strong guilds can capture a province in 2-3 minutes, and a weak guild can never capture that province, even if they get a few battles in during unlock.
Since there are no camp slots in the home base, and usually few (max 1) slots close to base, it is difficult to gain an advantage around base when under pressure.
The really weak guilds just give up at this point and don't get to enjoy rewards from fighting.
Since the strong guilds hold the inner provincess, they also hold the most siege camps and can fight even harder against a weak guild in the outer ring.
This gives strong guilds the opportunity to attack from provinces with siege camps and effectively pin your whole guild back in the base.

If there were slots at home-base:
Slots in home base and provinces around homebase will give all guilds, weak or strong, a strong launch from home base.
Those who want to launch fast will build siege camps and spend diamonds to start capturing surrounding provinces very quickly.
The siege camps remain there (home bases cannot be captured) and if a weak guild is 'wiped off the board' they still have a chance to respond strongly from home-base.
With less slots in the middle, fighting for the high points will be harder, and the strong guilds will fight each other here.
Weaker guilds may not want to join the fight for the centre, which is ok as long as they have provinces to fight for in row #4, #3 and maybe get into #2 now and then.
With provinces (and camps) around home base, even weak guilds can put up more defenses to retake provinces.

Currently provinces on GBG are allocated build slots in a random fashion, with more slots toward the middle A1,B1,C1,D1 and little to no slots in sectors on the outer ring.
Home bases have no buildable slots.

The points for provinces scale in the same way, with maximum points for holding a province in the middle, and lower points for outer ring.
This makes the middle highly contested for their points value.
It should be harder to get (and swap) these inner provinces.

By giving all guilds strength from the outer rings, the battles for the middle rings will be more fierce, but also a lot more evenly balanced.

Visual Aids:
Insert picture here where guild A and guild B have turned the map into a checker-board and all other 6 guilds have very few provinces.

Balance/Abuse Prevention:
This proposal is designed to add balance and to reduce the current abuse of strong guilds in GBG.
This exploitation of GBG has already prompted the forming of 'superguilds' which are able to bully all normal guilds in GBG.
Normal guilds are losing strong members to 'superguilds' because the guilds cannot compete in GBG and the strong members want to partake in rewards.

I may not have considered every possible scenario, but I think the most resistance to this idea will come from players and guilds who are already abusing GBG.
I just hope enough weaker guilds agree to turn this into a proper proposal, because the GBG game is being ruined for many.


The 'superguild bullies' should not be handicapped because of your guild's weakness. They are well organised and have many committed players who will fight at set hours and will at times sacrifice their attrition for the benefit of the guild. They can race to the centre and fight in-to-out, reaping the rewards.

Organise better and recruit strong players in different time zones.

Any Empire

Master Corporal
Agree with @Cuthwolf . Being a powerful guild is not an accident, it is the result of players wishing to commit to mastering GBG and putting in the effort. Guilds with more causal players should not receive the same benefits that those in highly focused guilds have to earn.