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Auto-refill currently selected army slots with healthy troops after a battle

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As title says.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

So as usual, I aim for a faster way to do things, it's not different here either.

In a battle many times you use the same composition of troops wave after wave. This means that every time your troops health drops or they die, you need to add those back to the selected army. I suggest an auto-refill button, which if checked would simply replace the selected army slots with the same healthy troops you've used last time.
Of course if we really wanna dive into it, it could be done very specifically, for example only replace certain troop types, or use pre-defined troop compositions which you could choose with a single click, and I can imagine that for another Diamond-sink, but a universal and simple auto-refill would suffice for now.

update: as @Augustavian noted, only refill with unattached units.

Visual Aids
N/A. I imagine a simple checkbox or on/off button in the battle modal.

Less time wasted.

Abuse Prevention

As title says.
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I'd like that idea, but it would need a minor adjustment in the form of the auto-refill would need to be programmed to take attached units first. I don't want to have my emergency backups getting thrown in and then die needlessly, perhaps that could be a sub-option? I'm sure people with a fairly high traz would want unattached going in first, they get more every day just by clicking it.


Good catch, since you won't have hundreds of attached units anyway, I modified it to only refill with unattached units, thanks!


Yesterday at 11:38 AM
Hi there, I am wondering as why Inno team is slow to pick up some very brilliant ideas! Already couple of years ago I proposed an solution to Army management where one could replace damaged army in Army Tab with just one button! instead of say 14-16 clicks - one click operation! There is a Helmet logo beside troops on right hand side that is currently inactive - static that could be dynamic - operable! Eg. If I have 4000 healthy rogues in my inventory / pool, after a fight 7 of them will become damaged some more, some less, by just clicking on this say "green helmet icon" the system would replace all the damaged troops to least damaged (healthy) ones in my inventory! "Red Helmet Icon" below that could function as "Discharge" button so all the currently selected troops would be put in back to inventory / pool with one click (in case of desired troop type change)! In both occasions it would save fighter a lot of time so instead of discharging one by one, scrolling to the left across hundreds and more to pick up say rogues one by one, 14-16 clicks at every time, it would be just one click operation!
Every one I been talking to in all different worlds finds this to be a brilliant idea! Moderators who looked at that endorsed it as great idea! Anyone who is a fighter in this game will find it a superb idea! It is easy to implement! Why isn't it still done I ask!
Kind regards!


+1 → for wishful thinking.

This has been suggested in many ways and with many variations - So far - nothing. Auto-replace and Multi-Army Selection similar to the 2 wave setup couldn't hurt.

Edit: Add a checkbox so that auto-refill can be turned on/off as desired.
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-1 theres lots of times i preload a damaged unit in to make sure AI hits it not another unit. plus its unfair on long term players who have built up big attack defence bonus and do not have to replace troops every time, if this change came into the game everyone would be fighting the same speed even if you had only been here 3 months or 9 years


I like it, though overall this unit magagement window could use a real overhaul.
Due to internet problems residing another place than home I used the Mobile version to play – and dear lord that same window is even more tideous than the desktop verision – The force for effective UI is not strong with InnoGames or they really want many more clicks than needed.

Perhaps make this into a Poll...


It is in the archive and about GvG
You can give it a +1 till you see blue in the face and still nothing will happen.
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