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Forwarded: Auto-battle with mounted units bug

  • Thread starter DeletedUser112892
  • Start date


World: Langendorn
Browser and Version: Android app v.1.140.0
Overview of the bug: When starting battle with mounted units in my army and mounted unit has the first turn, when I move it anywhere on the battlefield and press "Auto-battle" button, nothing happens, game just continues, without "Results" tray showing up. When another of my units has turn, it returns to manual battle. I try to auto-battle again, but with no success.
What I have to do is to first move mounted unit that has starting turn, press "Skip turn" and then press "Auto-battle" button so I let it work. For any other unit, I don't need to do this.
Screenshots: Can't quite catch screenshots of the bug.
How often this occurs: Everytime when I battle with mounted units and don't use method for auto-battle mentioned above.
Urgency: Medium
Preventative Actions: When mounted unit has first turn, I press "Skip turn" and then "Auto-battle" so I can skip the battle.
I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes. Found nothing.


Hi , I do not know where else to post this and we can not create new threads. My problem is, in battle, the second round all my soldiers drop dead without a fight, please contact me