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Auction Activities


Some people are less keen on Hedge Mazes, don't be put off them! Compared to 2 Wishing Wells the Hedge Maze occupies an additional 2 squares of real estate, but offers the same returns, and provides more victory points.

On balance, to dismiss the Hedge Maze as a new player's folly, is short-sighted. By all means, once you have dozens of wishing wells in your inventory, you may no longer wish to use a hedge maze, but remember all you'll get back is 2 squares of real estate, and you'll lose victory points.

Before someone jumps in and starts shouting about wishing well shrink kits, yes I do know about these, and yes they do make your wishing well smaller, and thus if you have two of these and two wishing wells with which to replace a hedge maze you probably have moved on anyway. Never be afraid to upgrade, there was nothing wrong with the Pottery when you first founded your city.


It actually gives the same return as one wishing well, if that article is correct. So you are in fact saving 11 squares of space by replacing a hedge maze with one.

Usual Suspect

I have two mazes already and bidding on a third, one of them is in my city, the other storage...
I see that space is most important, I will only keep out the one till I get more WW's.

Epic Builder x1000

Second Lieutenant
Not many people will be capable of collecting at exactly 12 hours, so it's even less worth it, especially for players who have been playing longer

Lord Grok

Master Corporal
Why would you compare anything to wishing well to determine whether it’s useful? Wishing well is only suited to diamond farms.. This conversation is about bidding to have one bad thing or another worse thing! Your point about it being “something is better than no thing” is spot on, but if you’re active then be patient and buy something better!

I’m not going to go into what’s useful in AD that’s a whole long conversation and it varies depending on where you’re at, but I will do an honourable mention for Hammocks as they won’t be on most people’s list - but in early ages they’re a cheap and space effective way
to manage happiness until you get enough event buildings to do that for you.


@Lord Grok ww's are good if you don't have any goods production great building in PE or above especially for new worlds.
meaning that almost nobody will raise his loa or babel over 5 or 10lvl.. and every single extra good within a growing guild that plays battlegrounds is priceless lol