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Forwarded: Army Management Lock Function

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    Votes: 12 85.7%
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    Votes: 2 14.3%
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Add a lock function to the Army Era/Age Selection Drop Down.

I checked to see if I could find exactly this idea, I could not – but it might be around idk.

Many battles happens within the same Age/Era or the era that the players currently is in – The lock provides a handy way by simple exlcusion, minimizing the vertical scrolling in any selected unit categori, be showing only units form the selected Age/Era.
For those players that utilize multiple Era units, the lock can simply be ignored and the army selections remains as is.

When an Era/Age is choosen for the Army Dropdown menu, the lock will make it stay on that selection till unlocked.
When leaving and returning to the Army management, the selected Era remains in the locked choise, till unlocked.
Unlocked result in the choises currently in game.

Balance/Abuse Prevention




would make it so much faster
yes, at least a little bit and while verticlal scrolling is not considered an effort by the general user, horisontal scrolling is somewhat – guess it is slightly counter intituitve in regard to examplewise a Mouse and the scroll wheel.

I have a another little idea to this Window, since we do not seem to get any major UI overhauls for it, will see if I can make it today or sunday.
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