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Arctic Future Story Quest Roadmap

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
The following is a flow chart of all the Arctic Future story quests indicating which quest leading to which quest on which condition, and what are the rewards for each quest. Question: Is it (the chart) useful? Answer: Probably not. Question: Then why am I sharing it? Answer: Because I have put so much effort into it.
There are really a lot of quests. You may sweep over a continent while playing like a gust of wind in a blink, but, to study the mechnisms and patterns behind, it is really a heavy-duty task. In fact, it is so labor-intensive that I haven't really completed what I first set out to do.

Without further ado, here is the chart:



Four-direction arrow symbol: This quest requires action on the map, i.e., "Scout/Acquire province(s)"
Lightening symbol: This quest requires unlocking an technology (worth paying attention to if you want to push forward with main quests while camping, i.e., without entering a new age)
Note: The above two symbols do not exist on Slide #1, because I started to add them from Slide #2.
Happy face symbol: This quest gives desirable rewards: either military units (could be more advanced than your age if you are camping), or diamonds.
Green arrow-line: The peace path (you completed the immediately preceding "Acquire province(s)" quest by negotiation only. Divided into two types: solid line for explicit peace path and dotted line for inferred peace path. All according to Fandom Wiki
Red arrow-line: The war path (you have completed the immediately preceding "Acquire province(s)" by fights. Divided into solid and dotted lines similar as above.
Pink arrow-line: This is my actual path when playing, different from Fandom info, so, Fandom is not always acurrate. Or, the actual Story Quest path is actually more complicated than could be found out by one play-through (which can take years...)
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This is like a book with multiple endings, glad I don't have to pick it up...yet:P