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Spoiler Archealogy Event

  • Thread starter DeletedUser116830
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The Archeaology Event is on Beta. While there, for some reason, is still uncertainity on this event, the rewards so far look fine.

Level 10 World Fair(Prize Building)
And the bonus building, the Carousel, 3x3, gives an 8% defence bonus. Not bad.(Also, it looks very nice.)
Tell me what do you think of the event and the buildings below!:)


So far, the comments on Forum Beta regarding this event are positive.
Apparently, the event is somewhat of a 'brain challenge', but overall, they're liking it.
. . . mk


The event looks pretty cool, different from the other events.


Is it possible to play the BETA version of the game on a tablet/mobile through the FoE app???


Is it possible to play the BETA version of the game on a tablet/mobile through the FoE app???
Yes, on the app on the main login page, where you can select your server flag there is one zz.forgeofempires.com right down at the bottom of the selection list, that is the beta server flag if you select that you should be able to log in to beta on your app, but you will need to create a new account as it is a separate server.

I hope this help :-) Also loving the new event my self is it refreshing


The event is interesting as its completely different, you do need to work out how and where to use the tools, also it can be a bit tricky picking where to open what, But it seems great so far.

Thomas Covenent

I can't wait for this event!
It looks like it's a blast (pun maybe intended?!) to play, and is finally something that will reward those players who can use some of that grey matter between their ears, vs. just mindless clicking. ;)

Also, the rage on the forums from those who play the event poorly should be quite entertaining!
*gets the popcorn ready*


I hope that kind of digging won't be a once only feature

maybe in future as part of a settlement


Brush: cheap and easy
Dynamite: good but very expensive
Shovel: can't move forward and expensive
Take brush


prize for each individually doesn't really matter
because you should only buy the tools package for 330 scrolls
Not even sure that one is better than brush. Will need to check. Anyways good point.