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Arch Angels 2 is recruting

At moment we are a lvl 44 guild
Arch Angels 2
we are on auto join
we now ask that you do some GE and some GBG if you can as both help you as much as they help guild
but if you want to stay on long term get your Arc
if you need goods to build it i can help guild members
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Hello players of FoE how would you like to participate in our new adventure. level 45 ... I can help you get Arc goods for free and i do help a lot on guild market thread we do GE's where we often come out on top 3 spots and GBGs where we try to figure well. We are in the Platinum League. With you, we will be able to fight and anchor ourselves durably in one of the top leagues to take full advantage of the many rewards it generates. It would be a pleasure to see you with us :)
We are a friendly and dedicated team.
shad23 from Arch Angels 2

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
Arch Angels 2 currently gives all members the following:

*24% reduced time to recruit and heal units.
*5FP /day added to your town hall reward.
*11% reduction in the cost of all buildings.

If you are feeling active like to do GE and some GBG, experienced or newb come to join us!
i just re-started our GB program
with this program our members are garenteed best prices in Langandorn when it comes to having to buy goods only way to get better prices is if you don't pay cause someone gave you the goods , if you want to join us pls aply by sending me a msg i'll send explanations once you tell me you understand i'll send you an invite
new guild description :
Arch Angels 2 is a lvl 50 guild our town halls give 6 FP's per day

we offer :
a GB program to our members to help em build GB's for wich they are far from having goods for those era's this GB program is unique we offer the best prices in Langandorn for goods to our members , one of our members eaven got more FP's then what he payed for the goods back from my GB when i lvled it ,this GB program offers more then what is explained here for more info contact : shad funville the 23 rd
we also offer :
a 1.9 thread ,
some FP swaps
and a :
milestone thread where i give 50 FP's to a member for haing crossed milestones like lvl 10 , lvl 20 ect ...

we open lvl 4 of guild expedition every week and expect all our members to do at last a few guild expedition encounters every week ,
for those who finish lvl 4 in full weeks we go against Langandorn guilds i give 50 FP's on the next munday
,and we also ask from all our members a few guild batle ground encounters every GBG season
we are recruting if this sounds interesting to you
we are on application only we accept experienced players who know how swaps and guild threads work

we also have a sister guild called TUC2 for players who want to take things more relaxed
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in GE we have 105 gold cups , 76 silver cups and 43 bronz cups we are presently ranked 43 rd guild in global rankings and we are presently in diamond league in GBG if guild description in my previous post interests you pls contact me on Langandorn