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Arc leveled - not showing


Chief Warrant Officer
I am observing this bug for some time on PC. When someone level your Arc, its just not showin the collect on it. So you must to click on it (enter), go out, and then you can collect from it.

Its showing in the left side of the game that you can collect something...but only when you go in and out see it, and can collect.

When Arc is leveled:

When you go in and out (before you collect):


"When someone level your Arc"

Does this bug only appear when other people lvl your Arc? Or does it also appear if you lvl your Arc?

Also if I'm reading what you're saying correctly, I'm not sure it's a bug. The GBs are meant to reset the timer upon lvl'ing up.

Edit: The more I look at this the more I'm thinking you're mistaking a intended feature to be a bug


Chief Warrant Officer
When a GB is leveled then collect icon wil appear on it right? In this case isnt. And it is the same for last 10 levels. Maybe this bug is appear only on high Arc not know that.

I am done with Arc leveling at the moment, and cant try if it should be the same if the owner levels his GB, but i think not.

Developers can try it in seconds... just boost 1-4 spots with 90%, selfinvest the rest, and some other player level let say Arc on lvl 95, and observer, that the owner will not see that his Arc is leveled. If refresh the game, then it will appear, but if you are in the game, you not see that your Arc is already leveld...this is frustrating.

And i see this bug only on high Arc, not see till now on other GBs...only on Arc, but its my first GB at lvl 100 so idk if it will be the same on other that high GBs or not. Till lvl 80-90 was all ok.


Chief Warrant Officer
1st picture was taken, when others leveled my Arc GB, no collect sign on Arc poped up, no sign that it was leveled.

2nd picture was taken, when i go IN to Arc, and go out, then the collect sign on it was shown, and i taked the picture...after that i normaly collected like it should be...any yes, after that the reset counter resets, but i not taken a 3rd picture of that.


We have tested following the steps provided and unfortunately have not been able to reproduce. If this persists please could you contact Support so that we can try some troubleshooting steps?


Chief Warrant Officer
Will contact next time, when i will level my Arc and see again this issue.

Today i leveled my Traz, and that icon on it + the icon on the left side (belowe Daily Challenge) what appears when you can collect something, was blinking when i hovered my mice on Traz and stoped to move mice. Blinked just like jumping the star on a "Shrine of the Knowledge" when it is motivated.

I could make a video, so next time will use "psr" option (Windows 7) and you will see it. I am cleaning the cache before every reset so its clean.
This happened now for the first time.


Chief Warrant Officer
Here you go the video in rar, created from Windows build in recorder "psr".

Now its happened on my CF for multiple times. When others level my high GB, this happen.

System is not refresh that GB is leveled. After i click on it, you can clearly see that GB is leveled, and when i go out, the collect sign on GB is show and then is ok. Bug.