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Do Not Suggest: Arc improved from GvG perspective


I suggest to have a closer look to this game from Guild versus Guild perspective. Inno says that Guild versus Guild will not be cut off (in capitals!). But with so many negotiations goods became a problem. Especially lower era goods if we ask ambitious, evolved guilds. Rogues can fight in any uniform, right ? Alcatraz produces soldiers in iron armor or robots without any problem - correct ? I say that Arc should be switched to lower ages (only to lower !), once per week, at our will. Of course, we should admit a limit, so let's say that only an Arc level 80 or higher. I'd like to know the opinions from official's side. Because players evolves faster than before (I remember the situation 5 years behind), they go through ages quickly than ever and even if they have an evolved Arc, this structure don't produce what a guild actually needs, in accordance with the plans adopted in Guild versus Guild section.
dont understand OP,you dont use neg in gvg,from wot i've seen some players are to slow going up tech tree,there are more campers than ever before,now gbg is here loads more players will have stunted growth,on a newish world like rugnir its the main problem with the game,no trade at the top ect ect


First off it’s Do Not Suggest List. So if you put it in the ideas section it won't be passed on (wrong place to put it).

If you have feedback in regards to GvG it needs to be in the GvG announcement feedback thread

In regards to your idea itself - If you need goods try recruiting from players in or a little below the age you need that seem eager and doing FP swaps to get them treasury Great Building blueprints (if they don't already have the GBs)