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Not a Bug: Arc goods doesn't count towards donation to guild in quests

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Quests do not recognize goods collected from Arc as donation to the Guild.

  • World: Fel Dranghyr
  • Browser and Version: FireFox 78.5.0esr (64-bit) and Android
  • Overview of the bug: In quests that ask for donating goods to the Guild, the system does not recognize goods collected from Arc as goods donated to the Guild. (It only recognize goods donated to the guild from Statue of Honor). Happened to me 3 times already.
  • Screenshots: NA
  • How often this occurs: Happened 3 times in the last month or so.
  • Urgency: Would be nice to have it fixed for the Winter event
  • Preventative Actions: Nothing that I can do about it.
  • Summary: Quests do not recognize goods collected from Arc as donation to the Guild.
  • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes.
  • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods? NA

1.192.785c697580c (25.11.2020 10:04), tbarnaby (849593640), us6, en_US, WEB 7,1,1,0, Windows 10, Firefox/78.0, 1581x925, OpenGL Vendor=Mozilla Version=WebGL 2.0 Renderer=Mozilla GLSL=WebGL GLSL ES 3.00 (512 MB VRAM)

Epic Builder x1000

Second Lieutenant
If you go to “Guild Contributions” in the game, you will realize Arc, Atomium and Observatory productions are listed as “Great Building Production”. Whereas Airship and Statue of Honour, they are listed as “Guild Treasury Donation”.
Not open for further replies.