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Any player in HMA doing or done Arc rush?

  • Thread starter DeletedUser112892
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As title says, I wanted to ask if there is any player on EN forums who has followed Dulahan's guidelines to Arc rush. Would like to ask some questions :)


I’m fortunate to be in a Guild which pushes Arc development as a core value. In FWorld I’m at CA and pushing lv8 after 2 months of having an Arc. Super awesome. With a dedicated 30 FP Arc thread i gain medals so rapidly that I can drop a new building square every couple of weeks.



I have read almoast all of that guide, and some things could be ok and some so so ... I know from my own experience of playing cca 298 days and i have recently finished it. For me the best and only way was first self level from level 1-15 ... mud level was done by help of guild as i don't know any guild that doesn't do that. Then my guild had arc growing team and they have been taking 1st and 2nd place on loss ( counting in that i would pay back that loss before i would open up the next level in gb of there choosing - in that way manny times i would also get some extra BPs). After i came to level 30 i was opening level by level and as they are in profit that same group of people started taking them and person who took 1st would give half of the profit back in. That helped in a way that then i would need to self level much lees for 3rd place to breakeven at 80% , 4th and 5th place would be also made cheeper and advertised to my friends or neighbours who i thought need prints. At that point i was doing level per day. Then from level 54 i changed a plan as i had offer from to strong players to help. The idea is that they would take and lock the place as usual . Then i would chek and calculate how much fps i would need to put in to make 3rd place breakeven at 90% , then i would split thet number i 3 parts and person on first would add two thirds from his profit in and person on 2nd would give one third. So basically 3rd place was break even at 90% ... i would then place extra 10 fps so it is not totaly without any profit and i would offer that to other friends with big arc. Then when 3rd would be taken 1st and 2nd would put the reast of profit in basically making 4th and 5th very cheep. BPs hunters will allways take a place if it is not to expensive, meaning cca 10fps per BP or a bit less . That worke cca until level 70. After that there is profits to level 74 . Then i did what some people call power leveling ( that requires you to have cca 4000 fps in inventory) and i would basically selflevel each place 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,and 5th and making them breakeven at 90% and doing it for all remaining levels till you get to level 80!!! Crucial part is to slowly during all that to look for arcs on levels 40 to 58 as these could possibly have 5th place as cheep as 50 fps and they would give cca 7 BPs i think ... afteryou hit, i think 60% arc then BPs are allready cheep!!!!