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Antiques Dealer

There is a unfair balance in the auctioning of items, especially if it is related to upgrades that have came from events! How can players that are new to the game have a chance of gaining these very if not key items to improve they‘re city. There should be a auction for players that do not have vast amounts of coins or items, so as when bidding you have hope of collecting It. When you put a bid of 20k you can’t see a 100k plus coming back but under this system it happens all the time! Please FOE team alter this soon, I have put a lot into my city and I can not be the only PLAYER on here who feels this to?
This is part of the issue with FoE being a 'long term' game, not a quick and easy play. Upgrades from events are meant more so for players that experienced the event 1,2, 3 years or so ago, and were unable to finish the event building. They are not designed for new players/cities - but fortunately, the Auction Dealer does allow us newer (I have only been playing since late Dec'19) players the possibility of attaining these items that we never were a part of previously.
So, no - the Auction Dealer is fine as is (and not many newer players can easily part with 20k either!)


Lieutenant Colonel
Just pick your moment and you'll get the things you want. I've paid anything from 8k-80k for the same buildings. It's just about patience and picking the auctions with less players around at the end. Some auctions are better than others.

Worth bearing in mind if the auctions have hit 100k even more established players have been outbid too so it's not just affecting new players with less coins it's whoever doesnt bid the most.


I put in a bid of 20k for the carousel yesterday. Check in an hour later, the bid was 100k. Yeah, I don't need it that bad.
New players shouldn't expect to get everything easily through the auction, while others had to slog through the events.
Cheers for the replies to my post

Paladiac the Pure


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I agree mainly with each of your responses and as you all say that many players have slogged it out over the entirety of the games span! This is a fantastic game and the fact that it has a massive fan base speaks volumes. The point I'm making is like you all in around about way say "nothing wrong" but I want to still challenge that! A game over time should evolve with its market, that is how global it has become and so it should have a commitment to its newer fans just as much as its older more rigid fans. The game is best part of a decade old so I'm not sure what the culture around spending money for Events, GE or Battles was like but especially Television adverts has more than likely come from more investment in the last few years. I believe there is real evidence for this just by seeing how the Company Inno games have increased there pay to win games. For just this reasoning I think that FOE should give back a little to this newer market, this could be done in a number of ways and include the older fanbase! So whether it be changing the Antique dealers or another way just by rewarding via free giveaways or better deals on the Event quests. I see there is now the Express train this is a prime example of FOE not helping anyone. Surely they can reward players not by winning an event either as this is still not rewarding as you are either top 5% of players (you still buy though). This is a great game but also made great by the fan base, so I think giving a little back gos along way forward to! Thats my opinion anyway!