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Antiques Dealer quantity input box?

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I think you do not get it. You are not supposed to let your Color Guards die. You are supposed to keep them save.

Apart from that your idea is totally crap. AD is set up for this with a reason. It should not be easy to get those items. I have 1,3M coins at the moment. If on offer I could buy a lot of full level cidermills. That's ridiculous!


It's not that difficult to get the Traz going, goods are cheap and BPs can be collected without much trouble in a good guild. I am giving away Traz goods for guild members for free since people used to sell Traz goods for 50 FPs. Same thing with BPs, 4th and 5th are given to guild members for the same amount of FPs they bring and on level 50 Traz they get 4 or 5 blueprints plus the Arc bonus. But once you get Traz, don't use it for Color Guards lol !


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@Zamzara hey, i think is kind unfair cause giving you the chance to buy 99 rogues would make the traz look really waste of space :)
i can add to your idea this,
1 unit = 0% price
2 units =+10%
3 units = +33% etc

or something like this would make it more balanced as idea in my oppinion
as for agent just ignore him he is being politely <<toxic>> with everybody


You mean you? Like I said, "limited items". Meaning, shortlisted items that are stated on my first post (safe to buy in qty, confirmed by InnoGames). Buying more than a few units don't hurt, it's not about just Colour Guards, it's about ALL units, even Rogues.
Better you read your post! This are your words:"Add a number input box with increase/decrease arrow-buttons to buy more than 1 unit/item.

That means everything in the AD!!!!

Re-read my first post, thoroughly (limit 3-5 per refresh cycle regardless of having millions of TC). I like letting Colour Guards die when I'm helping my guild re-siege in GvG maps I'm not ready for, such as I'm in LMA helping out FE with them, even Drummers.
That post is edited. Now you say limit 3-5 refresh. Your post still says 10 or 99!

Also edited my first post to Italic and Bold some text, since you can't read.
Problem isn't I can't read. Problem is your idea is stupid. If you want more Color Guards, built a Camp. Hell built multiple Camps. If you are not able to do what you want to do, you are not ready for that part of the game. Learn and work on it! We all had to!!

@thelegend88 I know its not difficult to get Traz, but it's not enough at level 10 giving you 8 units every 24 hours (or whatever boost your guild gives you). I got Traz goods for free. The question is, how long would it take to level your Traz up to 50 to get enough units to keep up with the frequent fights?[/quote]

So??? Do you think you are thje only player with that problem? We all had the same problem early in the game, but we developed our game and solve it!

We do run short on Rogues, so when they show up on the AD, we can buy them in good qty if we can afford it (max 10-99 or whatever max IG sets them).
Everybody runs short on rogues. That why they raise Alcatraz!!!



And regarding Agent327, I think some people need correcting even though they have been drinking cider to dream of buying 100s of Cider Mills with their millions of TCs over this idea. Dream on. That's not what my idea is about.
Yes it is.

And regarding Agent327, I think some people need cor
@Agent327 "That post is edited. Now you say limit 3-5 refresh. Your post still says 10 or 99!" Yeah, and? It was about Rogues (what we were talking about) not items. Stop trying too hard being Mr Right, like you didn't make any mistake. Now shoo! Bed time for you.
Really? Not items????

Add a number input box with increase/decrease arrow-buttons to buy more than 1 unit/item.
Don't even know your own idea. Bed time for who?


Yes it is.

Really? Not items????

Don't even know your own idea. Bed time for who?
Are you asking for a ban? Stop derailing other people's threads with your so called "stupid idea" posts in every one of them. It's not my fault you can't understand them. If you can't say anything constructive even if it is criticism, don't say anything off-topic at all.

Now all you're trying to do is have a go at me. Most of your post is all about you. Do you have an ego problem or something? Did I say something that busted your inflated ego, that you're trying so hard to salvage it?

If everyone's idea is stupid, where's yours? That's right, you don't have any. You troll.
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