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New Content Antiques Dealer - New and Unique Rewards


I actually let one go by the other day without buying but I do have over 40 either in my city or inventory. Awesome goods buildings to have for the size.

Especially for later eras where you would require refined goods to produce, they just produce right away and you can usually fit at least 2 in the footprint of a regular era goods building. Not so much in demand now due to how many goods special buildings produce but always worth having for starting new eras.


Or went heavy on the egg nog Xmas 2018 with a credit card nearby. As the hangover cleared the player realised the need to spend big on one-up kits every age. Doh!


Its probably possible to be able to upgrade every year but you would need a high level tor and focus every event on them for additional renos. I'd say GE gives me between 150/180 reno/one up now over the year.

The tor would be the deciding factor though, until I got mine up I spent way too many events aiming for Reno. Now they just build up on their own, I'm in the 60's now combined after SAAB came out and I upgraded every building and started collecting again just from GE. Not even buying in AD anymore.

Deleted member 112124

Still awaiting Art Exhibition in the AD Shop...Hmmm, plenty up for Auction though.

Deleted member 112124

Hoorah! An AE-S Kit at last from the AD Shop, mmm-mmm, just gotta love the FPs.
I do hope it's not going to be one every 6 months but, I'm happy to at last, land one.
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