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Antiques Dealer Auction Minimum Increments

Would you like to see my idea implemented?

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I want to propose a change to introduce a minimum increment requirement to the bids in the Antiques Dealer Auction. They would make the Auctions more interesting and prevent people from simply adding a single bid 1 Trade Coin higher in the last 30 seconds.

I have checked and no similar ideas have been suggested.

The idea would prevent people from having to set up notifications or alarm clocks in case someone "snipes" their bid by 1 trade coin in the last seconds of the auction.

It's obvious that if someone wants to buy an item for 100,000 trade coins, they will also want to buy it for 100,002 but currently the game allows someone to outbid them for 100,001 in the last 30 seconds, making the first 1 hour 59 minutes and 30 seconds of the auction insubstantial. The auction should be won by those who indeed want to pay the most instead of those who are active in the last 30 seconds.

The Auction should start with a minimum bid, like it does currently. The minimum increment should be listed below the current price, starting at 10% of the current price.

The minimum increment would increase by 1% every time someone makes a bid. So, the next person would need to bid at least 111% of 5609 to enter the auction = 6226. And so on:

Screenshot 2021-02-19 102248.png

The action would extend for 30 minutes, not 30 seconds every time someone makes a bid but to prevent people from getting stuck in auctions they are not interested in everyone who has not made a bid in the last 30 minutes on an auction would get dropped as long as the auction is 2 hours or older. For the uninterested parties this would result in the time between auctions to be 2 hours and 30 minutes just like it is now.

It will of course be possible to bid higher than the minimum bid but as the above table shows all auctions, even those where everyone bids the minimum only, should wrap up in about 15 to 20 bids to prevent auctions from lasting all day.

Balance/Abuse Prevention:
It won't have any effect on game balance as it only modifies the way players interact with each other through the auction house. The proposed auction system shouldn't leave room for abuse.

I think this suggestion will greatly improve the Antiques Dealer Auction experience for all players who are actively bidding and looking for the best offers.
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Chief Warrant Officer
yet another person who misses out on something and wants to change the whole game to suit there play ? its perfectly fair as it is

ANYONE can bid 1 coin more and win so what is the problem ? no problem at all as far as i can see, but i do see plenty of problems in players wanting to change things just to suit themselves.

PeePee Pleb

Auctions system has already once received a "hotfix" that made it impossible for players to secure prize for themselves by constantly entering higher bid until the end of the auction so that opposing players who bid don't have time to react. That has been done by changing the timer at the very last moment of auction to 30 seconds and being reset every time a new bid is placed.
If somebody beats you by just 1 Coin, it's compeltely fair.
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