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    Hello Guildie, or potential Guildie. Here we have our detailed operational rules for day-to-day participation in the guild.

    It is generally expected that members:

    a) participate in the Guild Expedition every week to at least level 1

    b) regularly polish / motivate each other members buildings, and visit taverns where guild members become friends

    c) contribute 3 fp to a nominated GB every week (bearing in mind your Town Hall will receive a daily FP bonus currently 3FP)

    The Message Centre is the hive of guild activity. There is a general thread for general chit chat, queries, etc., plus the following message threads for specific purposes:

    1) Forge Swaps - currently 5 A & B, 10 A & B, 7, 15 A & B, 20 A & B.

    Procedure is to place your points on the last GB shown then add your own GB for the next person to do similar. This way, you get a chance of level up rewards that would not come if you contributed the points directly onto your own building.

    2) Trading

    The guild operates on the fair trade policy of only trading between one age up or down, or the same age. If trading between different ages, the goods must be in the ratio of 2:1 in favour of the higher age. Otherwise 1:1. Point out your guild trades by attaching them in this thread.

    3) Negotiation Compo

    This is a voluntary bit of fun where contestants race each other to see how many encounters in the GE can be completed in 15 minutes. Full details in the thread.

    4) G v G

    - currently under discussion

    5) ARC's levelling.

    If you have an arc that is within 200 of levelling and places that are available to secure bps, please add it here. Any bp chasers can then add to it easily.

    6) Muddy GB's.

    These are GB's that you have just got into your city but have yet to be built to level 1. Place them in here and guild members will help to get them out of the mud.

    7) GE reward for guildies.

    Here, once someone has completed the GE "this" week, they will come along and reveal what the reward is.
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